I found this book and thought it must have been written just for me. What a fun, quick read it was. I will never look at baked goods the same way again… as I gobble them up!!!!

by Lacey Dearie
5.0 Out of 5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Short Stories | Humor

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Baked is a love story with a twist,  it’s about cakes.We’ve all read stories about people falling in love, but how many people have read a story about a love affair between two foods? Surreal, silly and very sweet, Baked is a 4,000 word short story set in a Scottish bakery that will have you reaching for that second cake, so that the first one you ate doesn’t get lonely.Go on, have another…

Baked! reached number 1 in the German and French Amazon stores’ English language short story free download charts in August 2012.

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