Got Thrills? A Boxed Set (A McCray Collection)
Ben Hopkin
3.8 Out of 5 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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The Harbinger Collection, Hard-boiled mysteries not for the faint of heart (A McCray Crime Collection). By Carolyn McCray.

Man’s Ruin – The Seventh Seal Sequel (A Dark Fantasy Novella), At the end of civilization, rebels make their final stand. By J. Thorn.

The Old Man’s Back in Town, Brainteaser short story packed with suspense, mystery, humor, and sex! By Ann Charles.

The Bad Ass Brigade, Bad guys beware–the good guys are on the prowl! By Taylor Lee.

Race for Redemption, Politics and sex make for HOT redemption! By Taylor Lee.

Got Thrills! A McCray Collection…

Feeling thrill-deficient? Then get your RDA allowance of excitement with Got Thrills? The perfect boxed set for anyone who enjoys mystery, action adventure, horror and, of course, thrillers. The boxed set is comprised of over 120,000 words of some of Carolyn’s bestselling works:

Rook: Let’s stop the apocalypse, people! A paranormal thriller

And six short stories:

Ambush: A 30 Pieces of Silver prequel short story

Anatomy: A Plain Jane prequel short story

Hacked: An Encrypted prequel short story

Gauntlet: An All Hallow’s Eve prequel short story

Devious: A 9th Circle prequel short story

The Rush: A MoonRush prequel featuring Mia

Along with a bonus short story…

Supper – we strongly recommend you don’t eat before reading this one!

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