I  decided yesterday morning I was going to venture outside my comfort zone and read something outside my normal genre. I started with “Three Wishes” by Stephanie Bond. I must say it is quite a fun little read. I am about three quarters through it and it’s like I have found a whole new world. Everyday I look through hundreds of books and I only pick up ones for myself  from the same genres every time and that seems crazy to me. I was thinking of being adventurous and going with a horror. I’m nervous though, I get scared at every little noise in my house. Wish me luck!

I’m Listening With a Broken Ear
Vicky Kaseorg
4.7 Out of 5 Stars (179 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Parenting & Relationships

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I’m Listening With a Broken Ear is a true story about a dying dog, Honeybun, the author found on a roadside and grudgingly rescued. A concomitant story of faith, persistence, and love unfolds as both she and her young daughter struggled to help Honeybun overcome severe issues of compromised health, aggression and fear. Untrained to deal with the overwhelming behavior, Vicky then tried to give her up…. unsuccessfully.

Refusing to relinquish her to Animal Control who would undoubtedly euthanize Honeybun,Vicky tripped upon a small rescue organization who offered to help rehabilitate Honeybun for free. During the many months of heartache and struggle, and multiple near deadly attacks on Vicky’s other dog, she discovered a modern day parable of the truth that nothing is truly irredeemable. Each victory with the little rescue dog taught personal lessons in redemption and grace, patience and perseverance, and the power of transforming love to spread through a community in most unexpected and unlikely ways.

There were multiple failures, and repeated surrenders to hopelessness.Each time, her weakness was thwarted and overcome by unexpected help and miracles. In the process, Vicky came face to snout with the harsh reality that real compassion involved action and responsibility. If she wanted to save the dog, ultimately it was up to her.

It is a story of redemption, physically and spiritually in a very small corner of the world, told through the story of a discarded dog that no one wanted and no one thought could be saved.

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The Death Series, Books 1-3: Death Whispers, Death Speaks and Death Inception (The Death Series, Volume 1)
Tamara Rose Blodgett
4.2 Out of 5 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Romance | Fantasy | Science Fiction

FREE for a limited time

3 books in 1 Bundle:



Almost fifteen-year-old Caleb Hart is a Cadaver-Manipulator in the year 2025. When teens receive a government-sanctioned pharmaceutical cocktail during school, paranormal abilities begin manifesting… making the teens more powerful than the adults.

After Caleb discovers he has the rare, Affinity for the Dead, he must do whatever it takes to hide it from a super-secret government agency whose goal is exploitation.

Caleb seeks refuge in his new girlfriend, Jade, until he realizes that she needs as much protection from her family, as he does from the government.

Suddenly, Caleb finds that hiding his ability while protecting Jade and his friends is a full time job; can he escape the government, protect Jade and lose the bullies that are making him miserable?


Caleb’s in high school now and thinks the chaos of last year is behind him. Unfortunately, a serial killer is on the loose and children are his victims. Caleb agrees to help the police apprehend the murderer…until the killer takes notice of Caleb and his paranormal friends.

Carson and Brett remain the bullies they always were and their posse continues to grow. How long can the two groups stay out of each others’ way before there’s a firestorm of retribution…

The Government Graysheets continue to keep tabs on Caleb’s every move while Jade’s family threatens their relationship. Can they still be together even when events threaten to tear them apart?


Kyle Ulysses Hart and his team of scientists mapped the human genome in the year 2010. As Brain Impulse Technology came online… so did the long arm of the United States government. A covert, military-driven regime was born with genetic manipulation the key to future widespread control.

When pharmaceutical laboratories, funded by the Graysheets, discover a way to unlock paranormal potential through compulsive inoculation, their exploitative dream is realized.

Clyde and Caleb’s lives are predestined to intertwine as they cross paths, his history becoming Caleb’s future.

A lone teenager named Jeffrey Parker, falls prey when he manifests the rare, Affinity for the Dead.The Graysheets abandon all pretense of stewardship, ripping him from his family for their nefarious purposes.

Can Jeffrey remain who he was destined to be in an environment exclusively built for mass control? App. 24,000 word count.

Suggested reading order for The Death Series:


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In Her Shadow
August McLaughlin
4.4 Out of 5 Stars (40 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

One woman locked in a basement, nearing death and longing for escape. Another baffled by the inexplicable symptoms wreaking havoc on her life. Both are lost and alone, yet somehow connected. And time is running out…

Near the tenth anniversary of her parents’ unexpected death, Claire Fiksen, a lovely young Harvard-grad and gifted psychologist in Minnesota, develops bizarre symptoms of an eating disorder that threaten her fledgling career, her relationship with a handsome young medical student, her grasp on reality and, soon, her life.

When her beloved grandfather reveals that there may be more to her parents’ death than she’s realized, Claire’s pursuit of healing becomes a desperate search for answers as she delves into her family’s sordid past. Meanwhile, someone is watching her every move, plotting to draw her into her own twisted web of misery.

Claire has something he needs, and he’ll stop at nothing to obtain it. Every step Claire takes brings her closer to the truth and danger. And her life, she discovers, isn’t the only one at stake.

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65 Proof – Jack Daniels and Other Thriller Stories
J.A. Konrath
4.4 Out of 5 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Horror

FREE for a limited time

JA Konrath, author of the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thrilller series (Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken) offers a gigantic 180,000 word collection of sixty-five previously published short stories from the thriller, horror, and comedy genres, including many from his award-winning series.

Stories to make you laugh, scream, cringe, think, scratch your head, and roll your eyes. This collection has something to please every type of Kindle reader, and is an inexpensive way to get introduced to the author and his work.

Contents include:

  • INTRODUCTION by JA Konrath
  • On the Rocks – Jack Daniels solves a locked room mystery
  • Whelp Wanted – Harry McGlade becomes a dognapper
  • Street Music – Phineas Troutt hunts a prostitute
  • The One That Got Away – The Gingerbread Man’s last victim
  • With a Twist – Jack Daniels solves an impossible crime
  • Epitaph – Phineas Troutt avenges a death
  • Taken to the Cleaners – Harry McGlade goofs off
  • Body Shots – Jack Daniels at a school shooting
  • Suffer – Phineas Troutt as a hitman
  • Overproof – Jack Daniels discovers what is stopping traffic
  • Bereavement – Phineas Troutt as hitman
  • Pot Shot – Herb Benedict gets shot at
  • Last Request – Phineas Troutt meets his match
  • Planter’s Punch – Jack Daniels meets Tom Schreck’s Duffy Domborwski
  • Truck Stop – Jack Daniels meets Taylor from AFRAID and Donaldson from SERIAL
  • The Big Guys – flash fiction
  • The Agreement – very nasty noir
  • A Fistful of Cozy – a satire of the cozy genre
  • Cleansing – a crime of biblical proportions
  • Lying Eyes – solve it yourself
  • Perfect Plan – solve it yourself
  • Piece of Cake – solve it yourself
  • Animal Attraction – solve it yourself
  • Basketcase – hardboiled horror
  • Urgent Reply Needed – how to deal with spammers
  • Blaine’s Deal – parody of hardboiled noir
  • The Confession – horrific noir
  • Finicky Eater – nuclear holocaust and cannibals
  • The Screaming – Van Helsing lives
  • Mr. Pull Ups – body modification horror
  • The Shed – some losers find the door to hell
  • Them’s Good Eats – rednecks vs. aliens
  • First Time – a tender coming of age story
  • Forgiveness – the genesis of evil
  • Redux – ghost story noir
  • The Bag – what’s in the bag?
  • Careful, He Bites – lyncanthrope flash fiction
  • Symbios – sci-fi horror
  • A Matter of Taste – zombie flash fiction
  • Embrace – gothic fiction
  • Trailer Sucks – gross out gore
  • Markey – psychological horror
  • Punishment Room – horrific suspense
  • Shapeshifter’s Anonymous – funny paranormal
  • SERIAL – with Blake Crouch
  • Dear Diary – a dip into madness
  • The Eagle – early horror
  • A Sound of Blunder – with F. Paul Wilson
  • Light Drizzle – parody of hitman stories
  • Mr. Spaceman – science fiction satire
  • Don’t Press That Button! – essay on James Bond
  • Piranha Pool – comedy about writing
  • Well Balanced Meal – gross out humor
  • A Newbie’s Guide to Thrillerfest – essay on writing conventions
  • Inspector Oxnard – parody of mysteries
  • Appalachian Lullaby – radioactive monkeys
  • One Night Only – humorous story
  • An Archaeologist’s Story – satire
  • Could Stephanie Plum Car Really Get Car Insurance? – essay
  • Cozy or Hardboiled? – essay
  • Addiction – comedy about writing
  • Weigh To Go – humor column about health clubs
  • Cub Scout Gore Feast – with Jeff Strand
  • Hint Fiction – four super shorts


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Good Girls (A Chick-Lit with an Edge)
Joycey Ann Crutchley
5.0 Out of 5 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Romance

FREE for a limited time

GOOD GIRLS is a feel good, fast-paced, thought provoking novel about four heroines. Four best friends who epitomize the newly evolved 21st Century Woman. The woman who dares to be different, the woman who dares to rebel.

Straight-laced CAT steps out of character when she secretly flies all the way to Sydney to ‘boil her soul mate’s rabbits’!

JULES embraces singledom and commitment phobia, so when she falls in love with an actor 10 years her junior, in the space of twenty four hours, a spanner is well and truly thrown into her perfect life.

KIZZY also meets the man of her dreams and much to her mother’s chagrin they plan to spend all summer together. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to everyone, the man is actually her father.

There’s only so much sexist behaviour a woman can take. So bitter and twisted, EM leaves Japan and her boyfriend behind and embarks upon a journey that will not only avenge the male race, but hopefully put her back on her correct and spiritual path.

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The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again
James D. Maxon
4.5 Out of 5 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Teens

FREE for a limited time

The Cat That, Book 1: A nameless cat lives in a town of dry, unhappy people devoid of moisture, joy and creativity. How did the townspeople get this way? Who stole the moisture? And how can one crafty cat return moisture, and life, to his town? “The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again” tells the tale of how a feline hero discovers these answers. On his journey, he overcomes obstacles with wit and determination, finds new friends in unexpected places, and learns the simple joy, -and transcendent power, of helping others.

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Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes
Bonnie Scott
4.2 Out of 5 Stars (76 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

FREE for a limited time

150 Easy Cookie Recipes – Quick and Delicious

Warm from the oven and just waiting to accompany a glass of cold milk or a cup of steaming cocoa, nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies. With Cookie Indulgence, you’ll never run short on inspiration for quick and delicious cookies, bars and frostings to welcome friends and family home or to give as tasty gifts.

Browse through the pages of Cookie Indulgence to find just the right treat. With 150 favorites from Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal cookies to No-bake, Refrigerator and Christmas cookies, there is sure to be a recipe that will please even the most rigorous taste test your family can muster.

If you’re looking for something unique, make sure to check out the Unusually Odd cookie section for recipes with ingredients you won’t find on the average baking supply shelf. Find cookies like Black Bean Brownies, Chinese Noodle Cookies, Potato Chip Cookies and Breakfast Bacon Cookies, among others.

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