Science Fiction fans will enjoy this intense, thought provoking, exciting, and at times, tear jerking read. Enjoy!

Opening Moves (The Tears of Orion)
by James Traynor
4.5 Out of 5 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

As Pvt. Samantha Lee embarks on a routine patrol mission along the borders of Union space, she’s certain she’ll be back home with her family on Mars for Christmas.

When Tarek Winters and the motley human and alien crew of the freighter IRON MAIDEN take on a job a thousand lightyears away from Earth, they expect it to be an easy and profitable run.

But a war is coming.

Three human superpowers watch each other warily from behind vast fleets while plotting to take control of key colonies and trade routes. The great Rasenni Empire, once the unchallenged master of known space, is in decline, ensnared in debauchery and beset by old and new enemies. Pirates, raiders, and slavers run rampant on the fringes of civilized space. Everybody is looking for the proverbial spark that ignites the powder keg, and everybody is looking in the wrong direction!

For Corr’tane of the Ashani Dominion has set out to guarantee his people’s survival, even if the cost is a war that will drown known space in blood…

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