Meet Phinn, a 16 year old immortal. An Angel responsible for taking the souls of good teens that die to Heaven. Mortals can’t see him, so high school can be difficult for him. It gets even more difficult when a girl, a mortal girl, a girl Phinn really likes, notices him and lets him know she likes him. When he gets the call that she has killed herself, he breaks the rules and rushes her to the Pearly Gates. And then, all Hell breaks loose.

The Book of Phinn (The Immortal Blog)
Frank Anjakos
4.7 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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From the Immortal Blog

Hey, Phinn here.

I’m an Angel.A 16 year old immortal.You don’t know me.You’ve never seen me.Unless you’re a dead teenager and you’ve been good and live in Southern California (narrows it down, huh?).If that’s the case, we’ve probably met.See, I take the souls of good kids to Heaven, but I’m not allowed to interact with the living…which makes high school, being on the soccer team and writing for the school newspaper a little difficult.As an angel, I play by the rules.

My “arch-frenemy” Iszn, the demon who takes the bad kids to Hell, breaks all the rules…which is why he’s one of the most popular kids in school.Iszn’s hobbies are football, human girls, football, torturing me, football and evil….did I mention football?

Anyway, as an Angel I try not to have any direct contact with humans…well, that is until I met this girl.Actually, until she met me…it’s kind of complicated.That’s one of the reasons I write my blog…to let you guys in on a world you probably didn’t even know existed…until it’s too late, anyway.

But this world does exist, and it’s about to get complicated.There are some deaths we can’t explain and only Iszn and I seem to want to get to the bottom of them.It’s going to cost us…a lot, but we can’t let it go.

So ya, enjoy the blog…comment if you want.I read all the comments and try to respond.And don’t let Iszn freak you out…to my knowledge, he’s never actually eaten anyone’s face.

Cya inside 🙂

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