How about this for another bad idea. Running a bed and Breakfast for rats. Explain that to the Health Inspector.

A Time To Love: Quilts of Lancaster County Series #1
Barbara Cameron
4.3 Stars (144 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Religious Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

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War correspondent Jennie King thinks she’s just a temporary guest in her grandmother’s Amish community while she recuperates from the devastating injuries sustained in a car bomb attack that changed her world. But when she meets Matthew Bontrager, the man she had a crush on as a teenager, she wonders if God has a new plan for her.

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Cages (Book One)
Chris Pasley
4.4 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Science Fiction

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Twenty three years after the Outbreak nearly destroyed the world, teenagers are kept in Quarantines in case they change into the Beasts that infected half the globe with the zombie parasite. Sam Crafty is a born rebel, eager to enter Quarantine and break away from his damaged Outbreak-survivor parents. What he didn’t count on was having to face his own fear about the evil lurking inside of him, or the unthinkable… that the Outbreak may not be over.

Cages features intense graphic violence, foul language, references to drug use and sexual situations.

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Midnight Bloom (The Lunar Eclipse Series, Edited Version)
Kristina Canady
4.6 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Family Saga | Fantasy

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Just when we think we have it all figured out, life has a funny way of showing us just how very wrong we can be. When hardworking wife and mother Sasha Green least expects it, she finds her peaceful little world turned inside out by an unexpected friend. Fate just may dictate their collision, but figuring out how to handle the after math proves to be more than they bargained for.

Sasha’s unwelcome visitor had other things on his mind when he walked into her hospital that night. It was more along the lines of perfecting their branch’s newly dispatched security detail and reducing the amount vampire fatalities in the Denver area. Instead he finds a feisty Nurse who’s about to put him in a compromised position and show him just how much love can hurt.

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Cooking with Canines
Michelle Day
4.8 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Cooking with Canines features 30 simple, fun, and healthy treat recipes for man’s best friend. Satisfy your furry friend’s treat craving with one of the included original recipes, or use tips from the book to create your own culinary creations. This book features recipes for unique treats, such as Puppermints, Meatballs for Mutts, Cheesy Chomps, Yo-Gurts, and Pupcakes, as well as some more classic type dog treats, such as Pawesome PB Cookies, Cookies with Cream, Kit’s Can’t Cool Quick Enough Cookies, and Ice Cream Coolers. Your dog is sure to drool over freshly made treats, and because homemade treats are the healthier option, you can feel extra good about treating your pet!

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For Love of Bluestone, A Boxed Set
MJ Fredrick
4.6 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

For Love of Bluestone is a collection of the three Welcome to Bluestone novels previously released as three complete novels. Fall in love with Bluestone Lake, Minnesota, and the people who are trying to keep her alive.


War correspondent Leo Ericson returns to his hometown of Bluestone Lake, Minnesota, when his parents notify him his young son is having trouble fitting in at school. Leo doesn’t know how to be a single parent since the death of his wife, and he certainly has no desire to return to Bluestone. But he needs a place for his son, a place where he’ll be with family, while Leo does his job. He’ll stay long enough to get Max settled, then go back to work.

School counselor Trinity Madison watches Leo struggle with his son, trying to overcome the mental barricade she’s erected against the man who sent his son away when he’s perfectly capable of caring for the child. The situation brings about her own unsettled feelings about giving her child up for adoption when she was young. But as she observes Leo’s difficulties, his sacrifices, she softens toward the man.

While he’s in town, he ends up working with some old friends and Trinity on a committee to revitalize Bluestone. The former resort town is struggling and looking for ways to bring tourists back. Leo finds himself charmed, then smitten with the feisty counselor, but will he still love her when he learns her secret?


Beth Lapointe has her hands full–her teenaged sister is struggling with new motherhood, her job as a waitress is becoming more strenuous as her boss is pulled in different directions, and her alcoholic father is demanding she help him or he’ll return to Bluestone.

The last thing she needs is her high school sweetheart to show up live and in person and to realize she still has feelings for him.

Country singer Maddox Bradley has returned to Bluestone, the only place he’s ever known peace. A car accident has the tabloids speculating over whether he’s drinking again, so he heads to the town where he used to spend his summer vacations.

The town where he fell in love for the first time.

He’s surprised Beth is still there, but pleased. When he finds out she needs help, he wants nothing more than to give it to her, to make up for leaving her behind all those years ago. But is she willing to take it from a recovering alcoholic who has no plans to stick around?


Quinn Alden is leaving Bluestone. As soon as he can get someone to buy the bar he bought with his Army buddy, the one who didn’t come home, he’s heading for someplace where the fishing is as good, but the winters aren’t so miserable. This was never his dream, the lake, the bar, the girl…

Lily Prater is the heart of Bluestone. As the owner of the landing where people dock their boats, rent a launch or a cabin, she has a lot invested in the town. She’s fighting hard to save her town, hit hard by the recession. Her mind is always spinning with ideas, ideas she can usually get Quinn to help her carry out.

They work together on the summer celebrations, the outdoor movies, the winter carnival, the tension growing between them.

But it takes leaving Bluestone for him to see her as more than his best friend’s girl, and make him wonder if leaving Bluestone for good is what he wants at all…

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Reunion: A Supernatural Thriller
Jeff Bennington
3.9 Stars (361 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

David Ray makes the final arrangements before he walks into his school to shoot and kill everyone who had tormented him over the years. As he gathers the guns and weapons into his car, he remembers the bullies and abusers that made him what he is… a monster… a freak. His life sucks because of what they did and they’re going to pay.

THE WORLD TURNS UPSIDE DOWN. Countless lives are about to be destroyed, interrupted, transformed, and for some, ruined by David Ray’s decision to murder and maim his classmates. Tanner and Maria have dreams that will unravel in a matter of minutes. Kate and Bryan have a destiny and it’s turning upside down. Nick’s twin brother is shot in cold blood with a bullet that’s meant for him–and he will never forgive himself.

TWENTY YEARS LATER, THE SURVIVORS RETURN TO A HAUNTED SCHOOL. Although they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, Maria, Tanner, Nick, Kate, Bryan, and Lana agree to reunite at their old school, hoping for healing and closure. But there’s a problem; the school’s haunted and Nick, an alcoholic, is the only one who believes it. Is he crazy? Or is there something to his blathering? Nick may be going off the deep end, but he’ll do anything to prove that he’s right.

What’s haunting Crescent Falls? Were they told the whole truth about David Ray’s death? Is he coming back to finish what he started, or is there something more sinister dwelling within the boarded up school? Will a surprise visit from a seventh classmate have the answers they’re looking for? As the haunting spirals out of control, the survivors might learn the truth about their past and rediscover who they are. But first, they must relive the nightmare on their 20th Reunion.

“Reunion tackles a controversial subject with dramatic insight and grace.” ~ Scott Nicholson, bestselling author of The Red Church.

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