In time the fish will discover that they were not actually watching a movie, but instead were cooking up fried chicken.

The Forever Stone
Gloria Repp
4.6 Stars (50 Reviews)
Genre: Religious Fiction | Religion & Spirituality

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Paralyzing memories of abuse . . . A beautiful glass paperweight . . . Escape to the wilderness.

“Don’t bury yourself in that wilderness!” her relatives say. “Even though you’re a widow, you’re still young.”

No matter what they think, Madeleine decides to go. She’ll help her aunt restore the old house; she’ll sign up for an online baking course; and she’ll bury–yes, bury–those terrible memories. ”From now on,” she tells herself, “I’m going to be strong and independent.”

Her plan seems to be working, except for the panic attacks, until she has to deflect the attentions of two men.

The doctor, who has a fire-scarred past, is not upset by her panic attacks and knows he can help her to heal. The writer, who conceals more than one secret, admires her spirit and is certain that she needs him.

God uses both men and her father’s gift of a floral paperweight to remind her of His enduring “forever love,” and as she yields to Him, she finds the courage to take a new and challenging path.

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What I’ve Learned… So Far Part III: Banjos, Boats & Butt Dialing
Mike Ball
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

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Banjos, Boats and Butt Dialing is the third installment in Mike Ball’s What I’ve Learned… So Far series of books. In it the Erma Bombeck Award-winning humorist grapples with topics ranging from becoming a grandfather, to rabbit hunting, to the Zen of a middle-aged guy trying to cope with cleavage.

The book is a compilation of 74 entries from Mike’s nationally-syndicated column, What I’ve Learned… So Far. His homespun wit, sharp sense of humor, and ability to connect with readers on an emotional level have been compared to Mark Twain, Erma Bombeck, Robert Benchley, and Ernie Pyle.

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St Matthew’s Passion: A Medical Romance
Sam Archer
3.9 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Medical | Romance

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Melissa Havers is one of the brightest rising young stars in the ultra-competitive world of trauma surgery. When she lands a position at the prestigious St Matthew’s Hospital in London, she’s determined to beat the odds as a woman and become the best in her field.

But Melissa didn’t expect her boss, Daniel Finmore-Gage – Fin, as he’s known, and the most brilliant surgeon in the city – to have quite such an impact on her from the start.

And she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him.

Fin, though, has his reasons for not returning Melissa’s feelings. He’s been married before, he’s too professional to abuse the authority he has over her – and he harbours a dark secret which he can’t reveal to Melissa, and which has made him vow he’ll never put anything before his work.

Not even love…

As the powerful forces which bind these two strong, vital personalities threaten to disrupt the very functioning of the service to which they’ve both dedicated their professional careers, a crisis occurs which will test not only the bond between them, but also their commitment to the lives they’ve chosen for themselves.

Breathtaking in its suspense, and heartbreaking in its portrayal of a love affair that appears at once inevitable and doomed to failure, ST MATTHEW’S PASSION is a thrilling novel by a practising doctor which blends authentic specialist medical detail with a universal story of the complexities of the human heart.

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Everywhere But No Place (Messages From The Unseen World)
Mark Foster
4.2 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction

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It is the year 2042. Prisons all over the European Union are bursting at the seams. Hans Schleiman, a criminal psychologist, has developed a new system for rehabilitating prisoners. He proposes that they be housed in virtual reality units where they spend the entirety of their sentence. Schleiman has developed software that aids the Subject’s rehabilitation and he has built a new breed of supercomputer to oversee the process – the Hosts. The UK is the first country to try the scheme and Denver is one of the first of a hundred Subjects to be inserted into the Schleiman Tanks after being mixed up in an armed robbery. His pleas of self-defence are ignored and he is sentenced to twenty-five years in the Schleiman Tank.

Denver wakes up in a lush, green World — alone, and with no idea where he is or what this World might hold.

Elsewhere, on the outskirts of Glasgow City State, Haze, one-time hacker, wakes up in the bowels of a run-down estate. He is blind and destitute after a disastrous job five years before left him eyeless and on the run from the most dangerous men in the country. Haze is given an ultimatum — he either carries out one last job, for which he will have his eyesight restored as payment, or he will be killed.

It is Haze’s task to break into the virtual World that Denver inhabits and retrieve a piece of information that could affect all their lives.

What no-one could prepare for is the very nature of the Host itself, a creature so advanced that not even the people who created it know what it is capable of.

Thrust together, Denver and Haze attempt the impossible, to steal the thoughts of a machine so advanced, so strange, that its very mind is a nightmare. So it is that Haze’s one last job suddenly turns into a fight for survival.

Neither of them can guess what will finally happen when they confront the Host at the heart of its mind, where reality ceases to exist.

It is everywhere but no place . . .

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Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot (The Phantom Series)
Ann Swann
4.8 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Horror

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What would you do if a phantom lived in your closet?

When a small plane crashes behind Jason Lee’s rural home, strange things begin to happen. He tries to tell his parents that the ghost of the pilot is haunting him, but they don’t believe in such things. Then he sees Stevie Rae Sanders entering the local haunted house, and he thinks he has found someone brave enough to help him. Stevie-girl isn’t certain she is all that brave, but she agrees to try. Together they confront The Phantom Pilot. But is it too late, or will he live in Jase’s closet forever?

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The German Suitcase
Greg Dinallo
4.4 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A vintage suitcase is pulled from the trash by a young New York advertising executive brainstorming a campaign on her way to work. The account is Steinbach Luggage, the German answer to Louis Vuitton and Hermes. There’s only one problem with the vintage bag—like Steinbach’s CEO, it’s a Holocaust survivor, as evidenced by the name and other personal data painted on it. It is hallowed memorabilia, and no one dares open it until they can determine if the is owner still alive. The holocaust survivor turns out to be an 89 year-old member of New York’s Jewish aristocracy, a prominent philanthropist and surgeon. When he gives his consent, the documents found inside the suitcase pique the interest of a New York Times reporter, whose investigation begins to unravel a devastating secret that has been locked away since the day Dachau was liberated.

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