Welcome to the dark gritty worlds of author James Daniel Ross, and explore a land where the heroes sometimes wear black.

The Last Dragoon
James Daniel Ross
4.5 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

When was the last time you believed someone who said: I will love you forever? What if they proved it? What is forever in comparison to the power of love? In the end, what is the raw power of the human soul?

The Ivy City is dying. It flails under a sea of the risen dead, the holy churches broken, the nobles largely destroyed, the population leaderless and alone, the city itself is bleeding and growing cold. Tattered crimson ribbons of blood fill the gutters. A despicable wizard, scion of the noble line, has shoved the Ivy City to the brink of death as he seeks what he sees as his rightful throne.

Doomed by his forbidden love, discarded by the crown, forgotten by the people, a disgraced hero rises from the ashes to combat the rising darkness. Accompanied by a novice of the god of death, this armored savior will crash headlong into the ranks of the undead. As the legions of the unliving surround and entrap him, he faces the dark truths of his own failures, and discovers the limits of his warrior will.

He will fight because of his oaths to the crown and because of his oaths to the city. But, in the end, he will fight against a horde of nightmares because he has sworn with the totality of his soul to the crown princess, whom he has vowed to love forever.

The only questions that remains are: What is the raw power of the human soul? And can it be enough against an army of the dead?

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I Know Not: The Legacy of Fox Crow
James Daniel Ross
4.0 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

Being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait. I am not a bad man. Well, I must be honest with myself: I don’t try to be a bad man. It just seems to… happen.

I woke up in a castle populated by corpses. Devoid of past or present, bereft of even a name, so I must be honest with myself.

I discovered I am a wizard with a blade, silent as the wind, and as deadly as a forest fire. When other men look and see safety, I can feel the ambush coming. When others see only smiles, I can smell the hidden plots and secreted knives. When others only see walls and guards, I can find a highway to the heart of the most imposing castle. I wish I knew what all these things mean, but I must be honest with myself and say I know not.

I must be honest because I am a fantastic liar. If I begin lying to myself I will not be able to survive. And I intend to survive.

A virtuoso in the symphonies of death, follow Fox Crow as he begins a journey of self discovery begun in an abattoir, that continues through forbidding lands and the courts of the highest born, and culminates in the coldest darkness filled with temptation and murder.

The first fantasy novel of award winning author, James Daniel Ross, I Know Not is a hard hitting, gritty, adventure. Welcome to a world with far more shadows than sunshine. Walk the forest paths where the faeries eat human flesh. Explore a world where the heroes may wear black.

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The Legacy of Charles Walker
James Daniel Ross
4.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction

Edmund Petticord is a respectable, up and coming journalist in the City of Boston for whom appearance is everything. Rana Walker is an exotic woman of middle eastern descent that flatly refuses to be limited by her gender or the biases of society at large. Together they will begin to unravel a mystery that has crossed countless continents, destroyed countless lives, and lead to the death of Rana’s beloved Uncle. To survive they must be smart, they must be cunning, they must be courageous. For neither of them could have foreseen the danger, the intrigue, and the madness that would be… The Legacy of Charles Walker.

“Murder, Romance, Steampunk Noir, and Cthulhu Mythos all cross paths in this intriguing tale.”

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In An Iron Cage – The Magic of Steampunk
Brenda Cooper
4.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

It’s a Mod, Mod World!

When there are gnomes among the gears, and the mists of magic mingle with the steam of tech, you know you’ve entered a realm where fantasy and science meet in an absolutely riveting collection of enchanting tales of steampunk adventure.

In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk takes the best of both worlds and melds them into fiction that will absolutely transport you.

With stories by: David Sherman, Brenda Cooper, Alma Alexander, C.J. Henderson, Elektra Hammond, Bernie Mojzes, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Patrick Thomas, Stuart Jaffe, James Chambers, A.C. Wise, James Daniel Ross, Jeff Young, and Darren Pearce.

  • “The Winter Court” by Bernie Mojzes
  • “House of Automatons” by James Chambers
  • “Drinking Down Death” by Jeff Young
  • “Speaker For The Mayans” by Brenda Cooper
  • “To Love And Hope” by C.J. Henderson
  • “Little Girl With Pink Ribbons” by Stuart Jaffe
  • “Scoundrel’s Magic” by James Daniel Ross
  • “On The Wings Of An Angel” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
  • “The Trans-Siberian” by A.C. Wise
  • “The First Flight of the Valhalla” by Darren W. Pearce
  • “The Case of the Duchess’s Dog” by Elektra Hammond
  • “That Voo-Doo That You-Do” by Patrick Thomas
  • “Iron and Brass, Blood and Bone” by Alma Alexander
  • “Greater Crater Gremlins” by David Sherman

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Dragon’s Lure
James Chambers
4.0 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Anthologies | World Literature | Fantasy

Here There Be Dragons! What is the deal with virgins? Why would a dragon want to swallow the moon? Is a bed of treasure really to be desired?

At long last a collection that delves into the lore on what lures a dragon. We bring you nineteen tempting tales of draconic wonder—along with the lyrics to two classic and much-beloved songs—certain to broaden your understanding of these legendary creatures that have fascinated mankind throughout time and across cultures.

Trek across a dragon’s dream space in C.E. Murphy’s Perchance to Dream…Take wing in Misty Massey’s Flying Away Home…and the burning question in Vonnie Winslow Crist’s Weathermaker…got milk? Everything you wanted to know about dragons, but no one has survived to ask…

With stories by John Grant, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Patrick Thomas, James Chambers, Misty Massey, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike Penncavage, C.E. Murphy, Hildy Silverman, Bernie Mojzes, Randy Farran, C.J. Henderson, Claire Stephens McMurray, Robert E. Waters, D.C. Wilson, Jean Marie Ward, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Anna Yardney, Jeffrey Lyman, James Daniel Ross, and David B. Coe, this is a tome you are sure to treasure!

  • “Baited Breath” – John Grant
  • “Weathermaker” – Vonnie Windslow Crist
  • “The Gargler’s Game” – Patrick Thomas
  • “He Who Burns” – James Chambers
  • “Flying Away Home” – Misty Massey
  • “Emberling” – Danielle Ackley-McPhail
  • “The Bakunawa” – Michael Penncavage
  • “Perchance To Dream” – C.E. Murphy
  • “Off-The-Wagon Dragon” – Hildy Silverman
  • “Thus The Trap” – Bernie MOjzes
  • “The Dragon Song” – Randy Farran
  • “Point of Ettiquette” – C.J. Henderson
  • “The Dragon’s Retorte” – Claire Stephens McMurray
  • “Red Dragon Symphony” – Robert E. Waters
  • “The Fall Of Teotihuacan” – D.C. Wilson
  • “Lord Bai’s Discovery” – Jean Marie Ward
  • “Fire In The Hole” – Keith R.A. Decandido
  • “Drawing Fire” – Anna Yardney
  • “The Dog and Pony And Dragon Show” – Jeffrey Lyman
  • “Red Talons” – James Daniel Ross
  • “The Dragon Muse” – David B. Coe

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