I had my hair done yesterday and I have to say I think I can run faster, jump higher and maybe I am a bit thinner as well. It’s amazing what having a great hair day will do for you.

Becalmed – Global Warming Never Felt So Hot (Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction)
Normandie Fischer
4.8 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Religious Fiction | Romance | Religion & Spirituality

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With her days chock full – designing jewelry for the shop she co-owns with her best friend, sailing her sharpie, and hanging out with girlfriends – Tadie Longworth barely notices she’s morphing into the town’s maiden aunt. When Will, a widower with a perky daughter named Jilly, limps into town in a sailboat badly in need of engine repairs, Tadie welcomes the chance to help. Her shop becomes Jilly’s haven while Will hunts boat parts, and Tadie even takes the two of them sailing. It’s the kind of thing she lives for, and it’s a welcome distraction from the fact that her ex-boyfriend Alex, aka The Jerk of Jerks, is back in town. With his northern bride. Oh, and he’s hitting on Tadie, too.

Those entanglements are more than enough, thank you very much, so it’s almost a relief when a hurricane blows into town: at least the weather can match Tadie’s mood. When Will and Jilly take shelter in her home, though, Tadie finds herself battling her attraction to Will. Even worse, the feeling is mutual, tempting them all with what-ifs that petrify Will, who has sworn never to fall in love again. Mired in misunderstanding, he takes advantage of the clear skies and hauls Jilly out of there and back to his broken boat so fast, Tadie’s head spins.

With the man she might have loved gone, and the man she wishes gone showing up on her doorstep, Tadie finds herself like a sailboat with no wind; becalmed, she has to fight her way back against the currents to the shores of the life, and the man, she wants to have.

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The Ming Storytellers
Laura Rahme
4.5 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: History | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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It is the 15th Century. At the dawn of the Ming Dynasty, three women’s path will cross. And of their journey, a tale will be born. An imperial concubine, A Persian traveler, and a mysterious storyteller. Three women: One story.

This is BEIJING. A city seething with mystery and royal intrigue.

Once a palace orphan, the wilful Min Li has only ever sought to please, even if that means pleasing Emperor Zhu Di. Now a powerful concubine, Min Li unearths a terrible secret concealed within the walls of Beijing’s Imperial city. Driven to despair, she seeks help from her lover, Admiral Zheng He. But this will spark a chain of events that even sets Beijing’s palace on fire. Min Li’s fate is sealed but her true enemy is not who she thinks.

The Ming Storytellers is a historical tale of 15th century China that sweeps across the palaces of Nanjing and Beijing into the mountainous villages of Yunnan, where a mysterious shaman holds the key to a woman’s destiny.

Across the oceans, from the bustling bazaars of Southern India to the lush shores of Zanzibar, nothing is quite what it seems.

For the eyes and ears of the Ming Emperor are ever near.

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Two Friends, Too Old
Robert Scott
4.5 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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After 65-year-old retired-attorney Frank finds Clay savagely beating his own dog, he struggles to save his lifelong friend from sinking further into insanity and its tragic consequences.

Frank’s wife, Lucille, adapts to aging with a quiet grace that Frank cannot quite learn to embrace. Dirt-poor farmers Will and Annie find a simple dignity in coping with her terminal illness, but Clay refuses to accept their choices. From pharmacist Matt, Frank acquires information critical for helping Clay, but Frank has to decide whether to use that knowledge.

Two Friends, Too Old is grounded in friendship, even as it explores the darker edges of growing old and becoming dangerously selfish. It is about how fate shapes our lives, and the consequences of lies, even told for the best of reasons. Frank desperately wants to prevent what seems inevitable, but as his sweet young granddaughter, Shelley, gets caught in the middle, the choices narrow and Frank runs out of time.

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Big Easy Bonanza
Julie Smith
4.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Anthologies | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


STEP RIGHT UP AND meet NOPD Detective Skip Langdon; quasi-honest gourmet lawyer Tubby Dubonnet; and poet/computer nerd/PI Talba Wallis.

As a bonus (or lagniappe, as we say on Frenchmen Street) we have a hilarious short story starring glamorous drag queen detective Diva Delish.

And that’s what this package is: simply Delish!


NEW ORLEANS MOURNING by Julie Smith — The King of Carnival is shot off his throne during the fanciest parade of MardiGras, and, for reasons she’d rather forget about, rookie cop Skip Langdon is assigned to the case.Rich in New Orleans lore and characters. Won the Edgar for best novel.

CROOKED MAN by Tony Dunbar– Lawyer Tubby Dubonnet’s honesty is tested–and found wanting–when he finds a gym bag full of money. But how to keep it and stay alive? Tubby’s Mr. New Orleans–laid back to a fault, yet everywhere at once. His riffs on New Orleans food will make you want to race right out and find the nearest oyster po’ boy. Creole Foodie Noir. (But funny.)

LOUISIANA BIGSHOT by Julie Smith– Odd couple PIs Talba Wallis and Eddie Valentino dodge bullets as they unravel a crime and cover-up so shocking it has an entire town clammed up. Half the fun is in Talba and Eddie’s tentative relationship– if this were a movie, they’d be Queen Latifah and Danny de Vito.

PRIVATE CHICK by Julie Smith– this short story introduces drag queen detective(and mixologist) Diva Delish. In the Marigny, the most fun neighborhood in New Orleans, Diva rules. Really, her name says it all!

So…if you feel like a trip to New Orleans…

…complete with the requisite steamy romance, succulent food, colorful characters, and delicious danger, this is your digital ticket. Danger in the Big Easy comes in so many forms—you could meet a stranger and never want to go home again, or maybe the wrong guy in a dark alley; or discover a penchant for po’boys that puts ten pounds on before you’ve finished your Abita amber.

Every bit of that—and so much more!—is guaranteed to happen within these digital pages (except the unseemly weight gain).

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FOUR GIFTS FOR ARIA (Historical Romance)
Joshua Graham
4.0 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Literary Fiction | Romance

A young runaway finds himself in the employ of Huntington Manor, where he falls in love with Aria, the sweet and enigmatic daughter of Lord Hungtington. In a clash of station and pride, denied love and tragedy, overshadowed by the horrors of World War I, FOUR GIFTS FOR ARIA takes you on a heart-wrenching journey of love, sacrifice and redemption.

Set in the same era of PBS Masterpiece Classics’ DOWNTON ABBEY, FOUR GIFTS FOR ARIA by Joshua Graham takes a brief genre excursion from his usual suspense/thriller roots into Historical Romance.

This short novella includes excerpts from his #1 bestselling legal thriller BEYOND JUSTICE.

Pre-order DARKROOM, a suspense thriller published by Simon & Schuster/Howard Books today.

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