Today I am going to help a friend move to her new house. Unlike a lot of people, I love to help people move. I love the feeling of a fresh start and there is always guilt free pizza. I love the guilt free pizza. You worked hard so you earned the pizza. No extra calories!  I also have an addiction to organizing drawers and closets so I get my little fix in that way. Yup!! Gonna be a good day!

The Forgotten Queen
Annette Mackey
4.4 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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Avalon has long been considered the traditional place of Arthur’s burial. But what if that place was actually named after someone? As an infant, Avalon is stripped of beauty so that all that remains are her dramatic green eyes. She is taught from birth that Arthur is her destiny. Out of curiosity she watches him in the magical waters of the lake and finds it impossible not to fall in love–and yet he is the king. She has nothing to offer but a pure heart. And so with the future of Camelot at stake, Arthur turns his attention toward the politically strategic Princess Guinevere and makes her his queen. In this exciting retelling of Camelot, Arthur struggles against the forces of evil until he reigns supreme, only to discover that his closest friend, Lancelot, is having an affair with his wife. Upon discovery, Camelot is forced to the brink of destruction. It’s then that Arthur realizes what a fool he has been. Broken and alone, shamed before the entire kingdom, Avalon comes back into his life. With her he finds the kind of passion that he has so long sought. Raised in the shadows, subservient to the Lady of the Lake, Avalon rises above it all to become the true queen of Camelot. She is the forgotten queen … and the sole bearer of Arthur’s heart. Full of unexpected twists and turns, action, suspense, treachery, and deceit, “The Forgotten Queen” will tear at your heartstrings until the very satisfying ending.

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The Hummingbird War
Joan Shott
4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literary Fiction

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Beginning as an account of bereavement told by a nineteen-year old war widow, The Hummingbird War takes flight and soars into a tale of the ultimate price paid by soldiers, families, and the nation.1968 was a year that rocked the world and changed Diane Hayes’s life forever.She risked everything she had to end the war: the war overseas and the war within her heart.She tells the story of her awakening from the confusion of the months after her navy pilot’s jet is shot down until she finds the courage to make her own choices, including the decision to fall in love again. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Trouble is – it’s anything but.

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Uranium Daughter
Chinle Miller
4.8 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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It’s 1961, the height of the Cold War and a young archaeologist sets foot into the wild canyons of southeast Utah, searching for a rock-art panel that may hold the answer to the disappearance of the Anasazi. She is accompanied by her dog, Buddy Blue, and a mysterious sometime-companion she calls Mr. Yellowjacket.

Here, in her recently discovered journals, Chinle Miller records her quest for the elusive Bird Panel, as well as her journey through an inner landscape, seeking peace from betrayal by one of the great rascals of the era, Charlie Dundee, the Uranium King. Over 350 pages of adventure in a landscape like nowhere else on Earth, as well as an inner landscape that will touch both your heart and life.

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Callsign: King – The Brainstorm Trilogy (A Jack Sigler Thriller)
Jeremy Robinson
4.4 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Callsign: King – The Brainstorm Trilogy is a complete collection of three novellas featuring Jack Sigler, aka, King, the lead hero in Jeremy Robinson’s Chess Team. The collection is 144,000 words, far longer than any of the Jack Sigler novels and jam-packed with cool science, high-octane action and strange creatures.



The fabled Elephant Graveyard has been discovered. It contains enough ivory to make Ethiopia a wealthy nation. But the cave contains more than physical riches—it also holds the means to control the world.Fifteen scientists enter the cave. Only one leaves.

Jack Sigler, Callsign: King (field leader of the covert, black ops Chess Team) receives a cryptic text from Sara Fogg, his girlfriend and CDC “disease detective”. A catastrophic disease has been reported in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley, but Fogg suspects something more is going on. Her suspicion is confirmed when King’s arrival in Africa is met by a high speed assassination attempt.

As King fights against two competing, high-tech mercenary forces, each struggling for control of the deadly discovery, Fogg disappears. Working with the surviving member of the science team that made the discovery, King begins a search for Fogg and the source of the potential plague that takes him back to the Great Rift Valley, back to the Elephant Graveyard, and brings him face-to-face with modern man’s origins.


Strange things have always happened in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona… Bizarre lights, reports of cave entrances that appear and then vanish, hundreds of mysterious disappearances…and rumors of monstrous creatures that inhabit a labyrinthine underworld.

When a terrifying accident on an Arizona highway leads to a military exclusion zone and a cover-up of staggering proportions, Jack Sigler—Callsign: King, field leader of the elite and ultra-secret covert Chess Team—joined by his closest friend, archaeologist George Pierce, sets out into the desert, intent on discovering the truth.

Assisted by a beautiful paranormal investigator, dogged by soldiers intent on preserving the quarantine, and pursued by a relentless legendary hitman, King soon finds himself in a race against time to prevent all out war with the creatures that inhabit the underworld.


Twice before, Jack Sigler—Callsign: King—has stopped the mysterious ‘Brainstorm’ from destroying all life on earth. Twice before, he’s survived Brainstorm’s assassins. So when the mastermind behind Brainstorm surfaces in Paris, King goes on the offensive.

As the final showdown unfolds in the legendary City of Lights, the villain’s scheme to plunge the world into literal darkness is revealed. But even Brainstorm isn’t ready for the destructive force that has been unleashed…an entity of darkness imprisoned for more than a thousand years, set free now to devour…everything.

The blackout has begun… When the sun rises, the world will end.

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