Filled with those “been there” moments for anyone who has been divorced, and had to deal who gets custody of the friends, or asking yourself how you ended up here in the first place and also with great analysis on why it really is all HIS fault. Think Zombie apocalypse. Except with ex-husbands. Enjoy!

The Divorcees Field Guide: Surviving the Apocalyptic Break Up
Lin Brooks
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

So you’re getting a divorce. The first question most people will ask you, hesitantly, is, “condolences or congratulations?” No matter why you are getting divorced, the answer is always an enthusiastic “congratulations!” “But I didn’t want a divorce,” you might be thinking. Of course you did. You just don’t know it yet. Divorce is hard. It’s harder if you’re a woman. We put up with more than we should, blame ourselves for things we shouldn’t, and spend precious little time smiling and telling ourselves that we are much too awesome to let a thing like this get us down. The Divorcee’s Field Guide explores divorce from a woman’s perspective.

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