Why does the smell of my first cup of coffee in the morning make me wish there was another cup right behind it waiting for me? I hate to have to wait.

The Wardog’s Coin
Vox Day
4.6 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: War | Fantasy

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The Wardog’s Coin consists of two stories set in the epic fantasy world of A Throne of Bones. The title story is about a human mercenary company which finds itself in the employ of an elf king. Outnumbered and under attack from an army of orcs and goblins, the Company discovers it is no longer fighting for pay, but for survival. The second story, Qalabi Dawn, features a young tribal chieftain, Shabaka No-Tail, who seeks to find a way to unite the fractious tribes of The People before the implacable legions of the Dead God invade the desert to carry out their crusade of total extermination.

Print Length 85 pages

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Patrick E. McLean
4.1 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Horror | Humor | Fantasy

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Unkillable is the story of a young man named Dan who is killed and brought back from the dead for a shot at revenge. He doesn’t have superpowers or supernatural forces on his side. He can be hurt. He can be maimed. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he is Unkillable.

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saving gracie
Jill Teitelman
4.6 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | World Literature

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“Why didn’t I ask where the Women’s Lib train was going before I jumped on?” wonders East Village poet Ruth Kooperman in this literary, humorousnovel.Almost forty, tired of all her freedom (including European forays and ganja retreats in Jamaica), Ruth’s ready for a realer life.

Miraculously, a difficult but interesting man shows up just in time. He and pregnant Ruth leave her beloved neighborhood for provincial, friendless Boston where she raises their son Joey with only a little help from his estranged dad.Hardship changes Ruth into a still-lovable but much wiser woman whose observations keep us laughing, yet touch our deepest feelings.

Here’s an Everywoman’s journey, from last-minute motherhood to the first demonic strike of middle-age mortality which steals our dearest friends. The believable characters remind us how friendship and dark, female humor help us navigate our lives. Laugh, cry, laugh again.

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Stormbringer (Apocalypse Then)
Daniel DeLacy
4.9 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: History | Historical Fiction

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Once upon a time there was a man.

He wasn’t a very moral man, in fact he thought he had no moral core at all. That way he could con, thieve, and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh to his heart’s content without a single pang of conscience. Which was quite convenient. Thanks to his lack of moral fibre this young man was able steal $50 million in gold bullion before his 28th birthday.

Fate is not so convenient as the lack of a conscience though. Our hero has not even had a chance to enjoy his ill-gotten gains when he discovers that all is not as it seems. Powerful interests, very powerful men, conspire to send him into the heart of the beast: the Third Reich.

This should have been child’s play to one devoid of morals but what happens when that conscience begins to surface? What happens when our hero discovers there are crimes that he simply cannot live with? Is there a road to redemption from the very gates of Hell?

Sixty million people were killed in the second world war.

How many remember where they were when the war began on the 1st of September 1939?

I remember.

I should remember.

I started it.

My name is Robert Leroy Parker.

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INTO DANGER (Secret Assassins (S.A.S.S.))
Gennita Low
4.5 Stars (47 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

The Woman in Black

Every intelligence operative in Washington D.C. knows her name … but little else.

A tough Navy Seal with a reputation for efficiency, Steve McMillan has heard all the stories about the “world’s most glamorous assassin.” But nothing prepared him for the goddess in tight black leather who now stands before him. Marlena is his new assignment — his superiors in the shadow world of secret missions want him to get information and then turn her over. McMillan is the consummate professional, but dealing with this beautiful enigma is playing with fire. To trust her would be crazy — as crazy as following his burning desire for her to its passionate conclusion.

Because there’s something beyond the yearning in her eyes and the inviting softness of her lips. Dark clouds are circling around Marlena Maxwell, drawing Steve along with her into a lethal game of deception and betrayal. And perhaps the deadliest mistake they could both make would be to fall in love …

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