You all know I just can’t resist a sweet story about a basset hound who survives the animal control gas chamber, and then is given a second chance at life and love. Book Basset was named after my sweet basset/lab mix that was a rescue herself, so this book hits close to home for me. Enjoy this sweet novel by author Kim Cano.

Kim Cano
4.9 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

When a basset hound named Rory survives the animal control gas chamber and becomes an internet celebrity, he attracts the attention of Anita, a just-dumped-by-her-boyfriend, luckless burger flipper, who travels cross country to adopt him.

Spurred by an online group called Animal Warriors, Anita then embarks on a mission to improve animal rights. Along the way, Rory brings Anita true love and financial success through a chance encounter with America’s 1%, proving her spontaneous rescue of Rory was the best decision of her life.

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