WARNING: Reading a Van Holt western may make you want to get on a horse and hunt some bad guys down in the Old West. Of course, the easiest and most enjoyable way to do it is vicariously—by reading another Van Holt western. Enjoy!

8 Van Holt Best Seller Civil War Westerns Boxed Set
Van Holt
Genre: History

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THE ANTRIM GUNS: Top 20 Amazon best seller for 16 weeks and counting.

After Hank Antrim was killed and his guns disappeared with the killer, the difficult French name of the guns was seldom used and they became known as the Antrim guns. Mark Antrim spent years looking for his father’s guns and the man who had killed him. When he finally found out who the killer was, he wished he had never set out on the long bullet-riddled search for revenge.

SHILOH STARK: Top 20 Amazon best seller for 14 weeks.

In one of the bloodiest battles of the War Between the States, he became known as Shiloh Stark by outshooting everyone. After the war he roamed the world in search of a peace he could not find. Ten years after the war ended, he came to No Man’s Land, where there was no law and no peace. But Shiloh Stark was no longer looking for peace. He came prepared for war.

RIDING FOR REVENGE: Top 20 Amazon best seller for over 15 weeks.

Frank and Pearl Ryden were brutally killed and their only son wounded on the lonely Kansas prairie. They had come west after the Civil War looking for peace and safety and a distant farm a mysterious stranger had sold them a deed to. Another mysterious stranger saved young Jim Ryden’s life and taught him how to shoot as well as helped him track the killers all over the West.

HUNT THE KILLERS DOWN: Top 20 Amazon best seller for over 11 weeks.

The War Between the States had just ended. But the war between Jeff Braden and the killers who had murdered his folks was just beginning. What he didn’t know was that the worst killer of them all was a likable young man that no one suspected.

RUBECK’S RAIDERS: Top 100 Amazon best seller for over 25 weeks.

The Civil war divided the country and tore families apart. After the war, two half brothers became legendary gunfighters and cowboys in the old West–and deadly enemies. Rubeck’s Raiders, a confederate army unit, were so brutal, even their own army disowned them. Then the leaders’ son and paramour were killed one night. One half brother knew he did it. The other was blamed for it. That’s how both half brothers became two of the most wanted men in the old west.

DEATH IN BLACK HOLSTERS: Top 100 Amazon best seller for over 30 weeks and counting.

They said Lorn Chambers packed death in his black holsters. But Chambers was a relic from the past, the last of the great gunfighters. All the others were dead or had hung up their guns. Chambers turned his back on the future and rode off into the western wasteland, looking for what was left of the past. What he found was some vicious killers from his own past.

THE BUSHWHACKERS: Top 100 Amazon best seller for over 35 weeks and counting.

Heck Martin’s motto was simple. If they left him alone, he would leave them alone. Cotton Petty and the other bushwhackers had not left him alone. They had tried to kill him, and failing that, had killed two members of his family. For that he would hound them to the ends of the earth, if need be. From now on, until he was dead or they were all dead, there would be war between them.

THE GUNDOWNERS: Top 100 Amazon best seller for over 20 weeks and counting.

While Jeff Mitton is away fighting in the War Between the States, his sister Lettie disappears. When he returns home, his mother makes him promise to find her. When Jeff if bushwhacked while looking for Lettie, he is befriended by a secretive gunfighter named Steve Kibben, who is hunting some men who killed his sister. Jeff doesn’t know they are searching for the same dangerous men. Men, and beautiful women, who will stop at nothing to stay out of the clutches of the Federal agents pursuing them for spying for the South.

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Dead Man Riding
Van Holt
4.7 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: History | Westerns

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In this Eastwoodish western, no one in that troubled part of Texas had ever heard of anyone named Fanton, but that was the name prodigal brother Hawk Spradlin whispered just before he pulled his gun on a quiet, grim stranger and got himself killed.

It happened one evening just before dark in Hoot Spradlin’s dugout store and saloon. The skinflint rancher was saving his coal oil until full darkness forced him to light a lamp, and he could not see the stranger clearly. But he got the drop on the tall man from behind with his shotgun, disarmed him and with the help of his lawless riders he hung Fanton to a cottonwood tree and left him hanging there that dark stormy night.

The next morning the noose hung empty from the cottonwood limb. The man they had hung was gone. Hoot Spradlin ordered his men to hunt Fanton down and kill him. They didn’t know whether they were hunting a real man or a ghost. But one thing was certain – he could ride and shoot like the devil.

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The Hellbound Man
Van Holt
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: History

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Jim Benton had come to think of himself as the hellbound man because he seemed to be headed in that direction. But there were some interesting stops along the way. One such stop was a lawless little town called Rustler’s Roost in honor of some charming young men who seemed to think other men’s cattle, horses and women were theirs for the taking.

But Benton had them worried. He didn’t seem afraid of them and when somebody shot at him he shot back – with alarming accuracy. They were afraid somebody had sent for him to put a stop to the rustling. One of the local ranchers or perhaps old Charlie Fry who had the biggest store in town and two beautiful stepdaughters, but also had his eye on the ranch of a man who owed him money and the man’s wild daughter, who galloped about the country on a palomino almost the same color as her windblown hair. One of the rustlers had already put his outlaw brand on her and two others were plotting to kill Benton to make sure he didn’t get too friendly with Fry’s girls.

When the shooting was over some more dead men littered the trail behind Benton and it was time for the hellbound man to ride on toward his final destination.

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Rebel With A Gun
Van Holt
4.9 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: History

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He was fifteen when the Civil War started, nineteen when it ended. His parents were dead by then, their farm sold for the taxes. The girl he loved had married a boy he hated. Nothing seemed right.

So he headed for Texas with a disreputable old snake oil peddler and a beautiful blonde with a jealous husband and a dangerous secret that could get them all killed.

Even though he had ridden with Quantrill and Bloody Bill, he was not like the others. Many of them were not the only bushwhackers who flourished during the war. Men just like them had waved the Union flag and used it to cloak their crimes, and now that the fighting was over not all of them would be content to lay down their arms and return to their former pursuits. Some, like their southern counterparts, would become outlaws. Many on both sides had never been anything else, and for them the war had just been a continuation of a life of lawlessness and violence. Now they would use the unsettled conditions in the wake of the war to camouflage their activities.

Of course, many would go west, especially to Texas. For years men had been going to Texas who were wanted or not wanted in other states. There was a well-known saying— “Gone to Texas.” It usually applied to men who had gone there a jump ahead of the law.

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