Follow the adventures of Pat, a very underachieving and unlikely hero, as he is warped away to a doomed planet, and attempts to become what he always dreamed of being…a true hero.

Patacus VS. The Universe.
Patrick Sherman
4.6 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Science Fiction

Our story begins with a very average, very normal human male, named Pat. Pat awakes like he usually does…just a regular guy, who hates his life and has finished yet another night of video game exploits as his video game alter ego, “Patacus”. This very average biped rolls out of bed, once again hung over from one of his guild’s nightly alcohol induced raids and leaves his apartment, to go and deal with his crappy, yet very real, very boring retail existence. Another expected ho-hum day, where nothing new happens, until he meets a strange looking wizard-bum…who is eating cabbage out of a dumpster. Pat is then warped away…into the fantastic magical world of Chodepuss, where the simpleton hillbilly locals think Pat’s video game exploits are a reality. Pat is championed as a hero and forced into the chaotic madness, of the already doomed planet. Bestowed with a mighty Dragon Arm, and aided by a friendly robot, Pat must save this alien world along with all the voluptuous eye candy…or be destroyed along with it.

Can Pat…this uber underachieving Earthling…save this far off world on the verge of destruction? Or will he prove all his naysayers correct…that he should have stayed in college, and put his video game controller down.

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