Sleepy Bunny by author Gregory Isherwood, is a Nap Time Tail that is a wonderfully written story about a young bunny rabbit who prefers sleeping and dreaming than joining his siblings on a family picnic in the park.

Sleepy Bunny – A Nap Time Tail
Gregory Isherwood
Genre: Children’s eBooks

A plethora of colorful rhyming prose captures the reader’s imagination and carries them through Sleepy Bunny’s dream-filled odyssey. Along the way, the reader is introduced to a number of fun loving characters like a monocle wearing realtor, a giant lunar polar bear and even a dancing hound! As the reader escapes into Sleepy Bunny’s playful world of fantasy and idyllic imagery, they find themselves being whisked away on a flying sheep and sailing the silent narrows of space on a row boat that takes them to the Moon.

Sleepy Bunny – A Nap Time Tail showcases a dazzling array of heart-warming colors and breath-taking artistry as it captivates the reader’s imagination and takes them on a wonderous and thought provoking adventure that they won’t soon forget. So join Sleepy Bunny in this delightfully spirited tale and experience his state of epic dreamery as his prudently joins the family fun and proudly states…“I’ll eat and kiss the Sun”.

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