If you want to feel important, go on vacation for a few days, come back and your critters will give you the welcome home of a lifetime. It feels so great when your critters run up to you barking or meowing and all they want is hugs and cuddles. I came home too late last night to see the chickies and the rain has kept me out of the chickies coop this morning….I wonder if they will cluck happy or cluck mad that I was gone so long?

The Cowboy Kiss
Kristen James
3.9 Stars (133 Reviews)
Genre: Short Stories | Romance

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She’s a cutting-edge travel blogger—he’s a fishing guide with strong ties to their small hometown. She thought they were arch enemies—he always thought they’d end up together.

Autumn grew up in her parents’ fishing resort in backwoods Oregon, listening to wild travel stories from around the world. Now she’s broken free and living her dream as a travel blogger, that is until her mom talks her into coming home and writing a blog about the Rugged Resort. Autumn’s very surprised to find Cory still there. He was the thorn in her side growing up, and now he’s buddy-buddy with her parents. She plans to write her blog and hit the road, but Cory has other ideas.



Errrr! She hadn’t made a clean getaway after all. She turned slowly, cocking a hip and sighing at him. “Did you forget a few jabs?”

He grinned at that as he ran to her. Wow. She wasn’t here to check him out, but what a sight he made. Snug jeans. A worn T-shirt perfect for stealing. And a perfectly fit body underneath, running to her. Autumn got the sudden thought that maybe she should write romance instead of travel articles.

“I guess you won.” He pulled off his sunglasses as he walked up to her and hooked them in his shirt collar. Oh, their stupid bet.

“Won what?” she asked innocently, glad her dad had gone the other direction. Hopefully her parents didn’t know just how far she and Cory took their jabbing and teasing.

Without warning, he wrapped her in his arms and tilted her back, knocking her completely off balance. She grabbed both his arms, gasping, as his warm lips landed on her shocked mouth.

She was so unsteady that she felt herself kick a leg.

His lips moved. Slowly.

A thousand fantasies she’d had about him over the years flew out the back of her mind onto a huge movie screen. His mouth, wow! Their lips melded together so perfectly, so suggestively, so promising.

This wasn’t like the truth-or-dare kiss in the fifth grade. Or the quick kiss-and-run in high school when he dropped her off after prom. Hot little tingles zinged from her head down to…well, down, and she started to kiss him back.

Then he righted her and pulled back. “I thought it was about time we actually went through with the bet.” He nodded like he usually did when wearing his cowboy hat, except it was missing today, and turned to walk away. “That’s what I call the cowboy kiss!” he called out without looking back.

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12.21.12: The Vessel (The Altunai Annals)
Killian McRae
3.9 Stars (78 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction

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The only way to save the future is to decode the past. The only way to decode the past is to save the future.

Archaeologist Sheppard Smyth has staked his career and the honorable memory of his wife and partner on proving his widely panned theory: Cleopatra VII, the last sovereign pharaoh of Egypt, was not a victim of suicide as history suggests, but of a well-concealed murder. When a statue of the doomed Queen is unearthed in a pre-Columbian excavation site in Mexico, Shep rushes to investigate and, hopefully, find the proof that has evaded him for so long. The statue, however, is only the first clue suggesting a mysterious connection between Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, and possibly – beyond. Suddenly thrust into the heated rivalry between sexy and enigmatic antiquities thief Victoria Kent and the infamous Russian mafioso Dmitri Kronastia, Shep finds himself a common pawn played by forces working to see out a quest older than the pyramids and cloaked in the Mayan Doomsday prophecy of 12.21.12.

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Black Creek Burning (The Black Creek Series, Book 1)
R.T. Wolfe
4.6 Stars (74 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

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After six long years, Brianna Chapman is finally able to cope with witnessing the murder of her parents. Then, dead animals start showing up on her doorstep, her tires are slashed and her yard is scorched by an unexplained fire. But Brianna refuses to reopen her parent’s six-year-old arson-murder cold case, along with all the old wounds. Nathan Reed sees the incidents differently and quietly begins an investigation of his own.

As Nathan’s and Brianna’s lives and passions intertwine, Nathan discovers a painful truth. Brianna’s parents weren’t the arsonist’s target. Brianna was. And the killer is back to finish the job.

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THE KILLING (A Jess Williams Western)
Robert J. Thomas
4.5 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Action & Adventure

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Jess is on the hunt again for wanted men with bounty on their heads. His work is interrupted by the men that Rod Mercer keeps hiring to kill him as revenge for killing his brother. Jess sends a wire to Rod Mercer, warning him to remove the blood bounty on his head, but Mercer won’t relent.

After Jess deals with Rod Mercer and the last man hired to kill him, he receives an urgent wire from his good friend Mayor Jim Smythe in Black Creek, Kansas. The wire doesn’t explain the reason why, but that he is needed back in Black Creek as soon as he can get there.

Once Jess arrives in Black Creek, Mayor Jim Smythe explains why he sent for him. Three Mormon families who lived just outside of Black Creek have been murdered and butchered alive, including ten young children. The leader of the group of outlaws responsible is Avery Sutton.

Jess stands at the sixteen freshly dug graves and makes them a solemn promise to hunt down and kill the six men responsible for their horrific deaths. He leaves Black Creek on the hunt for Avery Sutton and his other five men and he won’t rest until every last one of them pays the ultimate price for their heinous crimes. Before it’s over, a lot of bullets fly and a lot of men die.

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Charlie Odd and The House Without a Door (Charlie Odd-Ventures)
Tom Morrissey
5.0 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Mythology & Folk Tales | Fantasy

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Long ago, in a timeless land, a house appeared one day from out of nowhere. It was a lovely home, welcoming in every way, except for one thing, it had no door! There was a wall where the door should have been. How strange, and what made it even more strange was the mysterious mystic, Claudio, who appeared with it. He told the people of the kingdom that there was definitely a reason for this house having no door and that reason was hidden in a riddle. Now if anyone could follow the clues and learn the reason there was no door, then that person would be handsomely rewarded.
A boy named Charlie Odd, and his best friend Harry S Garry, heard Claudio’s words and they decided to solve the riddle which would take them on an exciting, wondrous and sometimes dangerous journey. They travel through several different lands populated by the strange and unusual characters they meet along the way.
Come along with Charlie and Harry as they try their best to solve the riddle. They can always use your help and there is a good chance that you will long remember this amazing odd-venture.
“Was it such a silly house, because it had no door?”

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