Today we have a thrilling collection of never before published short stories by international bestselling authors: Debra Webb, Vicki Hinze, Rita Herron, Peggy Webb, V.R. Marks, Regan Black, and Kathy Carmichael. Available exclusively at Amazon! Enjoy!

My Evil Valentine (A Collection of Thrilling Short Stories)
Debra Webb
Genre: Anthologies | Anthologies & Literature Collections | Romance

Evil Has a Face (The Faces of Evil) by Debra Webb

Deputy Chief Jess Harris reveals how she was assigned the case on a bloody Valentine’s Day and ultimately met serial killer Eric Spears.

Down & Dead in Even by Vicki Hinze

Escaping an abusive husband proves difficult for Caroline until she finds help in Jackson Grant and his highly unusual group whose motto is: Sometimes to live ya gotta die.

Black Roses by Rita Herron

Florist Jude Johnson is thrilled when, for once, she receives a flower delivery for Valentine’s Day. But her pleasure dies when she opens the box to find a dozen dead roses. And when the black roses keep coming, Jude begins to fear the only kiss she’s going to get for Valentine’s Day is the kiss of death…

Elvis and the Deadly Love Letters (A Southern Cousins Mystery) by Peggy Webb

Somebody is sending poison love letters, and this time they’re playing for keeps. Can the Valentine cousins and Elvis sniff out the killer before Lovie ends up six feet under?

The Wrong Kind of Flame by V.R. Marks

A Valentine’s Day wedding could turn into tragedy unless Deputy Morris and Eva Battaglia can track down the arsonist behind a sudden rash of fires in Haleswood, SC.

Death-Trap Date by Regan Black

Amelia Bennett hopes her blind date will lead to the Unknown Identities system, but John Noble must decide if it’s jealousy or something far more sinister putting him on edge.

Suspects and Suitors by Kathy Carmichael

Amateur sleuth and owner of Skullduggery Inn, Amy Sands, is up to her elbows in anonymous Valentine’s suitors. Problem is, one of them is threatening her life.

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