Even though we try so hard to do the right thing, we are still human and we makes mistakes and have regrets. The heroine in Elise Daniels novel, “Awake” is no different. With her unique writing style,  Elise will draw you in and will not let go. Enjoy!

Elise Daniels
4.3 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Coming of Age | Romance

Erin Cassidy seemingly has it all. Wealth, a faithful best friend and more than a few boys to choose from as she comes to the end of her last year in college, but something has always been missing inside her since losing her mother as a girl.

When she meets the insanely sexy fiance of her lifelong nemesis, fellow debutante Tori Wexler, she starts to feel whole again, but Wade Donovan is forbidden fruit. Erin’s father and Tori’s father run a billion dollar business together and a scandal like this one could rock its foundation, destroying not just Wade and herself, but everything her father has spent a lifetime building.

Like love, some decisions last forever.

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