The Drake Equation by Heather Walsh, is an intelligent and meaningful look at what it means to live and love in today’s very volatile world. Written with such skill and empathy it is a novel that makes you stop and think. The Drake Equation is a heartfelt love story that is so gracefully done that once you have read it,  you will have to just sit and have a moment. Enjoy!

The Drake Equation
Heather Walsh
4.2 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

She’s a Democrat, he’s a Republican. She spends her days fighting global warming at an environmental non-profit, he makes his living doing PR for Bell Motors and their fleet of SUVs. But as soon as they meet, Emily Crossley and Robert Drake realize they have encountered their intellectual match. You’re never challenged, he tells her. You’ve surrounded yourself in a cocoon of people who think exactly the same way you do. She hurls the same accusation back at him, and the fiery debates begin.

Despite both of their attempts to derail it, there is no denying that they are falling in love. But their relationship is threatened by political differences, Robert’s excessive work hours, and Emily’s fear of losing her identity as she falls deeper in love.

Can their love survive? The Drake Equation is a tale of modern love and all its complexities.

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