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The History Thief: Ten Days Lost (The Sterling Novels)
Joseph Nagle
4.4 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

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In JS Nagle’s freshman debut and acclaimed thriller, The Hand of Christ, CIA Officer, Dr. Michael Sterling dealt a severe blow to the Order: an organization whose charter for centuries has been to infiltrate governments and corporations with pawns that they control. Fractured but not broken, three years have passed, and the Order is back with a new plan: a plan that has the White House in their crosshairs.

And they will use Michael to get there. He has no choice: they’ve kidnapped his wife. Michael has forty-eight hours to do their bidding. Fail, and she dies, Michael, too.

Soon, the Crown of Thorns is stolen, the Shroud of Turin, too. During a state visit to Notre Dame the woman heavily favored to be the next President of the United States becomes one of the many victims from an explosion that leaves the famed Cathedral in smoldering ruins; destruction surpassed only by that of 9/11. Named in her place is Senator Matthew Faust, but he is one of the Order’s pawns.

While the world mourns, seemingly unrelated events take place in Afghanistan where Staff Sergeant York and his Alpha Team of Green Berets come across intelligence that links both him and Michael to the assassination.

With no one to trust and attacked by his own people, York escapes Afghanistan, turning to Michael for help. Together again, but on their own, Michael and York escape a CIA dragnet. Tracked by the sociopath that brought down Notre Dame; hunted by their own people, Michael and York take the reader on a fast-paced, spine tingling romp through Paris, India, Portugal, and Rome; through the pages of history itself in their effort to stop history from being rewritten.

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Mimi’s Mix- A Book From Each Series! Hot Suspense & Active Spirits!
Mimi Barbour
4.1 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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When attractive Las Vegas detective Aurora Morelli makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously…and if anyone hurts that person, they’re going down! While Aurora may be slim and dainty on the outside, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. The sick schmuck who dared attack her partner is now her prime target, and nothing or no one will stand in her way—except maybe her new partner who arrives in town seeking vengeance on the same culprit.

Kai Lawson, a Bruce Willis lookalike, annoys her. From the very beginning, nothing seems to go right between the two of them, leaving Aurora to question if they should even be working together—especially after he shoots her—and not accidentally! Constant screw-ups on the job and the undeniable attraction building between them makes reaching her goal seem almost insurmountable…almost!

His Devious Angel:

Without the angel forcing him to brake, Liam could have killed the gorgeous girl who ran in front of his car to save a little boy. He owed the rescuer big time and would pay his debt no matter that she acted cranky and became more difficult with every meeting. After all, how hard could it be to walk a bunch of mangy mutts?

Men are scum and no one can tell Sadie any different. It’s why she stays away from them. Until a crazy, hotshot soldier runs her down with his convertible. Now because she’s bruised and sore, she’s stuck having to accept his help in her elite dog-walking business. Just her luck that some of the expensive pets go missing, and Liam decides the puppy-mill rumor needs to be investigated. And once they’re forced to spend more time together, mutual attraction spirals out of control.

He’s Her:

A casino owner from Vegas, Rhett Parks, was relaxing on a bench in a small English town.To his dismay, a young woman interrupted his sanctuary. A minute later, his body was out cold on the ground and he was taking up residence inside of the intruder – schoolteacher Carrie Temple – and without her permission.

Her first words get out didn’t solve anything because he had no idea of how he got in.During the next few weeks they fought each other, taught each other and began to love each other, not an easy accomplishment considering the situation, but doable, as Rhett proved to sweet, naive Carrie.

They became involved with strange Dr. Andrews who assured them he had the answers to solve their problem, but Rhett’s brother Ashley, who they turned to for help, was absolutely certain, that the man they were putting their faith in, was a charlatan and a quack.

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War of the Magi: Raziel’s Shadow (Book 1)
Joseph Robert Lewis
4.2 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

Orphaned and exiled, one prince’s last hope to free his country from a plague of demons is to find the legendary magi and become one of their holy warriors. After losing his companions one by one, he finally reaches the distant kingdom of the magi, but they refuse to train him.

Now, his only chance to save his people is to guide seven powerful clerics across a hellish wasteland ruled by flaming ifrits and packs of bloodthirsty ghuls. Beyond a dark sea hiding monstrous creatures, the prince leads his new companions over endless grasslands where even lions fear to tread and into primeval forests where behemoths devour the trees whole.

In the golden city of Azumar, the prince confronts the man who killed his father, and discovers a horrible truth about his people, his dead friends, and himself. But he carries on, leaving his homeland behind to seek out the demon queen of Naj Kuvari. With death at his heels, the prince discovers stronger and stranger loves than he has ever known, and together they search for a way to undo the madness that was unleashed when the angel Raziel was murdered.

This is Book 1 of the War of the Magi series.

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Possessing Sara
Hazel Hart
4.2 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Sara Kramer, who doubts everything, is pursued by two men of opposite but equally strong faiths: Garth Drummund, a New Age psychic healer and Junior Lawson, a fundamentalist preacher. When Sara refuses the preacher’s proposal, he blames the psychic healer, believing the man has put a curse on Sara and she is now possessed by demons.


The rapid thuds sounded again. “Sara, open the door. Uncle Oren told me someone followed you last night and that someone vandalized your house. I want to help you, Sara. Please open the door.”

He didn’t sound crazy. Maybe she should talk to him. She crossed to the door and put her hand on the knob.

Then she heard her neighbor’s voice.

“Junior Lawson, what is all this commotion about? I heard banging all the way from my place,” Ida Mae scolded.

Sara pressed against the wooden barrier that protected her from the outside world and listened for Junior’s reply.

“I need to talk to Sara. She’s in danger,” Junior said, his voice edged with irritation.

“I’d say Sara doesn’t want to talk to you,” Ida Mae shot back. “If she did, she’d let you in.”

Deciding she couldn’t let her elderly friend face Junior alone, Sara opened the door. “What’s going on out here?”

At the sound of her voice, both Ida Mae and Junior turned, their battle faces fading to shock and concern.

Sara stepped outside, squinting against the light reflecting off Junior’s car window.

Ida Mae gasped. “My goodness, girl, those dark circles around your eyes make you look like death warmed over.”

“It’s the demons,” Junior declared. “She’s possessed.” He rushed forward and grabbed her shoulders. “You’ve got to let me help you. The demons must be exorcised.” His fingers dug into her flesh.

She brought both hands up and pushed on his chest. “Let go of me,” she screamed. “Get out of here and stay away from me.”

Still, with all her struggling and threats, she was unable to break his hold.

Ida Mae grabbed his arm and tugged. “Let go of her, Junior. Let go, or I’m calling the police.”

But Junior’s grip only tightened. “I’m trying to save you from the demons, Sara. Let me save you.”

She looked into his wild eyes. If anyone here was possessed, it was Junior. Remembering moves from her self-defense course, she tightened her fist and jabbed him in the stomach. He moved back slightly, eyes wide.

Taking advantage of the distance, she opened her hand and smashed her palm against his nose. Blood spurted from his nostrils and he staggered back, cupping one hand under his nose and reaching for a handkerchief with the other.

Through the blood and tears, shock, dismay, and determination all registered on his face. “I’ll be back, Sara. I won’t let the demons win. I swear I’ll save you,” he vowed before turning and stumbling down the steps.

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Gwynne, Fair & Shining (Gold Ink Award Winner)
Stephanie Lisa Tara
4.4 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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“Evoking the POWER of the FAIRY TALE—Stephanie Lisa Tara enchants and inspires young girls to believe in themselves no matter what: “Fair and Shining, was Gwynne, Now inside—and out! Just believe in yourself…(That’s what magic’s about)”

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