Author Ramsey Islar’s fantasy and science fiction novels are wonderful modern tales with twists and turns that will have you convinced they must truly exists. Starting with “Clockworkers” available for free today, enjoy the very dark and modern retelling of the story of the Shoemaker and the Elves, but with watches instead.

Ramsey Isler
4.2 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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A modern, multicultural twist on elf stories of old

Samantha Chablon is a self-proclaimed “gadget girl”. She runs the family watch repair shop while her eccentric old father spends his days researching fantastical stories of elves. Sam loves her father, but his odd habits have always been a mystery and a burden on the family. But that all changes after her father dies, and she discovers what he left for her.

Sam has inherited a real elf.

Piv is his name, and he is far older than his boyish face and personality would imply. But he’s also wise, and as an elf he is gifted with a preternatural proclivity for making things. Sam’s father taught Piv everything he knows about making watches, and he works faster than human hands could ever move. Sam, being much more enterprising than her father, sees opportunity in Piv’s talents. Soon Piv is not the only elf working for Sam as she goes about building a luxury watch empire powered by secret elf labor.

But the elves have remained hidden from humans for good reason, and it’s not easy to keep a factory full of territorial elves secret in the middle of a metropolis. One night when someone attempts to break into the factory, the elves take matters into their own hands. The incident gives Sam a glimpse of a dark and twisted side of elves that no fairy tales ever mentioned. Samantha will soon discover that great ambition often comes with great risk, and although her elf partners have agreed to work without pay, there are other costly consequences involved in striking a deal with elves.

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The Remortal
Ramsey Isler
4.5 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

Telly is a homeless teenager struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles, but he has just met a man who can make all of his dreams come true. His rich new benefactor only asks for one thing in return—something no one else has been able to do for two and a half centuries. He wants Telly to kill him.

The man with the death wish is named Van, and he offers Telly an escape from the constant fear, hunger, and shame that have haunted him during his homelessness. Telly thought he had Van all figured out, until a chance encounter with a gun-wielding thug shows that bullets don’t do Van the slightest bit of harm. Van is much more than he seems; he’s an immortal seeking escape from a world he now despises. He desires a higher plane of existence, but in order to get there he must train someone to complete the grim ritual that will free him from the confines of his immortal body. If Telly can fulfill Van’s request, he will inherit Van’s wealth, strength, and eternal youth. But he soon discovers that Van is a harsh teacher with a questionable sense of morality, and there are other immortals who believe Van’s plans for ascension could lead to something they’ve been dreading for centuries: the birth of a wrathful god.

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Ghosts of ARCADIA
Ramsey Isler
4.8 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

The greatest video game system the world has ever seen has been hacked.

ARCADIA was the first platform to offer a complete simulated reality experience using direct brain scans to trick the gamer’s senses and, more importantly, to read their minds to know what they wanted to do next. It was hailed as a breakthrough; the most innovative invention since the television. It sold out in record time. Then the hackers started stealing.

It started simply enough; just a few users of the ARCADIA game system had their bank accounts infiltrated, and a little bit of cash went missing. But the problem grew, and hundreds of thousands of people lost money. The FBI got involved, and ARCADIA headsets were taken off store shelves.

Miguel Naciamento, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and hedonist, has taken on the story of ARCADIA. Determined to find the hackers, Miguel becomes entrenched in a mystery that involves an androgynous hacker, a veteran government specialist on cyber-warfare, and even the creator of ARCADIA. As Miguel’s investigation leads him to the true source of the hacks that brought ARCADIA to the brink of destruction, he makes a discovery that proves that ARCADIA has become more advanced than anyone could have imagined, but he’ll have to fight hard and face his own fears to ensure that ARCADIA survives to fulfill its true potential.

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The Ninth Order
Ramsey Isler
4.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction

In the Golden Days of the world, every city was a shining beacon of beauty and wonder. But then the Great War came, and all that was golden turned to dust. Out of the ashes rose a mystical group of protectors—the Rezernaan. They restored order and beauty wherever they could. But now a terrible threat from within threatens everything they have built, and only the youngest member of their ranks can prevent disaster. His name is Falki.

The Rezernaan and the people they protect live on a tiny group of idyllic islands that were miraculously spared from the chaos of war. The first pilgrims arrived centuries ago, and found a race of people called the Panotti already there. The Panotti are small in stature, short in lifespan, and fiercely devoted to nature. Falki is their most famous son, and his skill with Rezernaan abilities is legendary. But there are others even more powerful than he.

When a malcontent senior Rezernaan named Vannekar suddenly begins to advocate a revival of the old ways that brought destruction and despair, Falki is chosen to lead a covert mission to undermine Vannekar’s efforts. To complete his task, Falki recruits a skilled but contentious crew of specialists – twin rogues, an exiled murderer, an heir to an empire, and a strange man from his own past.

Falki will use all his wits and abilities to foil Vannekar’s plans for revolution, but his foe will not go down without a fight. Vannekar is cunning, strong, and convinced that the Rezernaan must change, or die.

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