I think I’m in trouble. My usually cautious youngest baby basset has discovered going fast on a jet ski. I had a flash of what my future life with teenage boys will be like. Oh help me.

Assassins of the Steam Age (Aetherium, Book 1)
Joseph Robert Lewis
4.2 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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When the local airfield is destroyed, Taziri Ohana is the only airship pilot left to help the marshals chase the killers across the skies of Marrakesh. But the case becomes terrifyingly personal when Taziri finds that her enemies have turned her own inventions into weapons and her family’s survival may hang in the balance.

Meanwhile, exiled Incan princess Qhora and her swashbuckling lover Lorenzo face a gauntlet of assassins, cruel aristocrats, and wealthy industrialists conspiring against the very Queen that Taziri is trying to save, and her country’s only hope for peace may be her crippled airship plummeting out of the burning sky.

Welcome to a fantastical world where strange machines sail the seas and the skies, enormous prehistoric beasts roam the earth, and the restless dead whisper to the living.

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Mossad Agent Cobra: Espionage & Terrorism Thriller (International Mystery & Conspiracy Book 1)
Dov Nardimon
4.8 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Teen & Young Adult

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Would a dedicated Mossad agent assist an Iranian diabolic plan to destruct Israel?

Nisim Kobarsky, a high ranking Mossad agent named “Cobra”, finishes a long and nerve-racking period of service in Syria. He is sent on apparently low-key,low risk mission: he assumes the identity of Pedro Tariki, an Argentinean of Syrian origin, and studies biology at the Sorbonne in Paris. His mission is to follow the roots of the revolutionary Muslim movements, which have flourished under the intellectual liberalism France has always cherished.

Cobra exceeds all expectations thanks to a friendship he develops with Sergey Ismailov, a Muslim, Tajikistan-born, Soviet officer, who proves to be an excellent source of intelligence. Even Cobra’s French sweetheart, Denise is unaware of his true identity.

Then the predator becomes the prey as the tables turn. A hostage of the Islamic revolution in Iran, Ismailov concocts a diabolical scheme in which the unsuspecting Cobra is involved. Should he succeeds Israel would face a national disaster.

Mossad agent Cobra is the story of a head-on collision between two lone wolves, both captives of their principles, both highly trained professionals. The plot takes the reader across the globe, from the crumbling Soviet Republics, through Tehran, Paris, Syria, Buenos Aires and Israel. Global Jihad serves as the inspiration for this fictional scenario that is chillingly probable.

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They Were The Best of Gnomes, They Were The Worst of Gnomes (Tales From a Second-Hand Wand Shop Book 1)
Robert P. Wills
4.7 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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Tales from a Second-Hand Wand Shoppe, Book 1:

They were the Best of Gnomes, They were the Worst of Gnomes.

Two Gnomes -Grimbledung and Drimblerod- are just trying to get along in life when their worlds collide. Drimblerod runs a moderately reputable second-hand wand shop that does pretty well at moving inventory. Grimbledung runs a disreputable second-hand wand wagon that he moves regularly to avoid the authorities.

Everything changes when they combine their talents:

City ordinances are broken. Neighbors are annoyed.The Constable becomes involved. Even the Magician’s Guild sends over some Enforcers to deal with them. Twice. Things are looking up for the Gnomes!

From multi-headed travelers looking for a good time, mysterious hooded figures who aren’t what they seem, to Half-Orcs just trying to obey their mates, everyone seems to come to Second-Hand Sorcery to either buy or sell a wand.

Along for the ride are a neurotic Jousting Dummy, an immortal (so far) Rat, a Trolless who runs the Tavern across the street, a Dwarf next door with (alleged) Mob ties, and the Head Mistress of the local School of Magic (with definite Mob ties).

Did we mention the impending invasion by the army of the Great Halfling Empire? They are going to cause some issues as well!

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Corps Justice Boxed Set: Books 1-3: Back to War, Council of Patriots, Prime Asset – Military Thrillers
C. G. Cooper
4.5 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Political | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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This is a box set that contains Books 1-3 of the Corps Justice Series: “Back to War”, “Council of Patriots”, and “Prime Asset”

–Back to War–

In a bloody gang initiation gone wrong, Former Marine Staff Sergeant Cal Stokes simultaneously loses his fiance and is thrust into America’s unforgiving criminal underbelly. Never one to back down, the Navy Cross winner is forced to use the skills honed in the Marines along with the assets of his deceased father’s company, Stokes Security International (S.S.I.), to track down his enemy and penetrate the world of his enemy. He must seek his own brand of justice…

Corps Justice.

–Council of Patriots–

A beautiful woman butchered… A Congressman blackmailed…A secret cabal of Japanese imperialists…

A small group of retired politicians form to protect America. The Council of Patriots is born. Former Marine Cal Stokes, and his team at SSI, head to Las Vegas, to uncover an invisible enemy that threatens to infiltrate the Democratic National Convention. What is their endgame, and more importantly: Who is the American politician pulling the strings?

With assassins around every corner, and a supposed ally manipulating both sides, Stokes must carefully utilize his team and the Council to stop the rise of a new empire.

–Prime Asset–

An old enemy resurfaces… An employee kidnapped… A new weapon created…

Cal Stokes’s good friend, Neil Patel, has disappeared. Following the trail to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stokes and his men must find the culprit and rescue their colleague before it’s too late. The only problem is that the enemy lies in wait, hoping for a final showdown.

With an outside group of aggressors making a play for dominance, the former Marine must lead his team through the hazardous snow-filled mountains to eliminate their adversary.

How many bodies will be left when the snow melts?

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Village Teacher
4.7 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Romance

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In the early days of French colonization of Viet Nam, a village teacher went to the capital to take part in the palace examinations. A chance encounter with a Vietnamese-French young woman led to a series of trials and tribulations set against the background of a crumbling monarchy and the awakening of national resistance against the new colonial regime.

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Gluten-Free Treats Kids Will Love: 50 Delicious Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes
Sofia Davis
4.7 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Put a smile back on your kids’ faces!

Gluten-free doesn’t have to be difficult!

Desserts are what make our meals complete. It’s that sweet something we can indulge on whenever our sweet tooth comes calling, what makes us happy when we feel down or what gives us energy when we need it most.

But things are so different when you have a food allergy and even worse when that is a gluten allergy or intolerance.

Gluten is present in many products found on the market nowadays. Foods that we wouldn’t suspect for a minute may be contaminated with just a tiny amount of gluten – enough to cause an attack.

So it’s crucial to make sure everything you eat is gluten free and safe to eat. Sometimes, that means giving up foods you love. Thankfully, that is not the case with desserts, thanks to this book!

The 50 recipes found in this book aim to give you options for healthy desserts that are gluten-free without sacrificing any of the taste or flavor.

These desserts are just as luscious and flavorful as traditional ones. All these recipes are fail-proof and so easy to make that even a novice in the kitchen can master them.

All you have to do is to put that apron on and start baking your way to dessert indulgence.

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