A unique and exciting read, They Who Fell by Kevin Kneupper, tells a story about the angels who rebelled against God, lost the battle, and fell to Earth. Most of them, deeply burnt and scarred, are drunk with their new freedom and rampage the earth, killing humans. Soon after most of the humanity is lost. Find out what happens when Jana, a slave girl, catches the eye of Rhamiel, one of the few still beautiful angels. Enjoy!

They Who Fell
Kevin Kneupper
4.7 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Science Fiction

They say that long ago, there was a rebellion in Heaven. That an army of angels sought to seize the throne, and were cast down into the pits of Hell in punishment. Those are the affairs of angels, and everything would have been fine if they’d kept them to themselves. But there’s been another uprising, and another Fall. Cast down to Earth, the rebel angels ravaged the globe in an orgy of sin and violence as they indulged in their newfound freedoms. Their new home is the Perch, a black, towering monstrosity that blights what’s left of the New York City skyline.

Life inside the Perch means you watch your tongue, if you’re a servant. Jana has lived there since she was a child, and now she’s found herself thrust into the middle of angelic politics. Some of them want to torture her, just for the fun of it. Others say they want to protect her. And Rhamiel, a charismatic and powerful angel with one of the few faces that wasn’t burnt and scarred by the Fall, is relentlessly pursuing her affections.

Life outside can be just as dangerous. Strange things fell with the angels and wander the countrysides. The roads are filled with Vichies, cringing humans who’ve thrown their lot in with their oppressors and won’t hesitate to take advantage of the weak. But some are still fighting, including William Holt. He leads a small cell of fighters, searching for a way to strike back against the angels without getting themselves killed in the process. And all around, the fallen angels inflict their savageries on the dwindling remains of humanity, enjoying every vice they’d been forbidden during their long centuries of service.

They Who Fell is the first book in a series.

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