Gritty, fast paced, and with sexual tension that is scorching, author JC Andrijeski, delivers stories that will make you forget to breath. Take a deep breath and discover for yourself just what makes these novels so unforgettable. Enjoy!

Revik: Allie’s War Early Years
JC Andrijeski
4.6 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

A Revik prequel novel in the Allie’s War Series

“…The year was 1974…and she’d finally found him.”

Prior to meeting Allie Taylor in San Francisco in 2012, infamous seer and infiltrator, Dehgoies Revik, lived life as a senior lieutenant of the Rooks. By 1974, he’s worked for Galaith for over thirty years, ever since he and Terian first pulled Revik out of a Nazi prison in Berlin, in 1942.

Revik tells himself he’s helping his people, working for “the Org,” as he thinks of the Rooks’ network these days. He believes it, too, until a strange female Seer finds him in Vietnam and forces him to confront who he really is…and who he’s let himself become as a slave of the Dreng.

Books in the Allie’s War series (episodes sold separately, too) ~

  • Rook: Allie’s War Episodes 1-4 (Episode 1 is FREE!)
  • Shield: Allie’s War Episodes 5-8
  • Sword: Allie’s War Episodes 9-12
  • Shadow: Allie’s War Episosdes 13-17
  • Knight: Allie’s War Episodes 18-23
  • War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27
  • Bridge: Allie’s War Episodes 28-31
  • Prophet: Allie’s War Episodes 32-36

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The Morph: The Gate Shifter Series: Book One
JC Andrijeski
4.2 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy | Science Fiction

A surveyor from a slave race landed on Earth, And immediately broke the first rule of no contact. Which would have been bad enough, enough to get him reprogrammed…But then he made her his.

Overview of the THE MORPH (Gate Shifter Series: Book 1)

“I, meaning me, Dakota Mayumi Reyes, was running, full-out, for my life…”

Dakota Reyes, a twenty-something private eye who specializes in what she calls “hard-to-prosecute” cases, finds herself in a dark alley one night, about to end up dead at the hands of a young Ted Bundy in training…when a lost, shape-shifting alien named Nihkil rescues her, and inadvertently takes her home with him.

The problem is, his home is in a different dimension, and Dakota has no clue how to get back to Seattle, or Earth, or even her own time period. She finds herself bound to her rescuer, Nihkil, through his “lock,” a quasi-biological structure that controls whether he can shape-shift.

As Nik’s new lock-mate, only Dakota can open Nik’s lock now, and he needs the lock open in order to bring Dakota home. Except Dakota has absolutely no idea how to open it…and the longer she spends in Nik’s world, the more that world’s inhabitants begin to align against them.

THE GATE SHIFTER SERIES is an unusual new adult shifter romance centering on shifters from another world altogether, called morph. Earth humans remained blissfully ignorant of the existence of a whole other human civilization until Nihkil Jamri tries to save private detective, Dakota Reyes while surveying Earth for his human masters from another dimension. Part urban fantasy, part paranormal romance, part science fiction adventure, the Gate Shifter series explores alien romance with the least likely candidates imaginable.

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Terian: Allie’s War Early Years
JC Andrijeski
4.5 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

~ A Terian and Revik prequel novel in the Allie’s War series and companion to the prequel novel BIRTH ~

“…He’s a sociopath, brother Quay, so have a care… ”

Quay is a member of “The Org,” what other seers call the Rooks, a secret society of seers working to control humanity from behind the scenes. Quay hunts terrorists with the aim of recruiting them to their own cause–a cause bent on gradually taking control over human civilization to ensure his own race’s survival.

Then Quay meets Terian, one of the highest-ranked seers in the Org’s network, while working a top secret mission in Brazil. When that mission takes a peculiar twist, Quay realizes he’s caught up in something much bigger…something that might just signal a new epoch in the war between seers and humans.

Another action-packed prequel in the alternate history, new adult fantasy world of the Allie’s War series.

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Birth: Allie’s War Early Years
JC Andrijeski
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

***A Revik Prequel in the Allie’s War Series and companion to the prequel TERIAN***


“He would be despised now. By all of them, on both sides of that line. He would be despised…”

Hidden away in the monastic caves of the Pamir for over five years after leaving the Rooks, Revik no longer knows who he is, or what his life means.

When Adhipan seers appear, asking for his help in a dangerous mission, his first impulse is to say no…until they tell him that it is Kali who needs saving, the seer who rescued Revik from his life in the Rooks, and the future mother of the Bridge, the most important being to incarnate on Earth in the last several thousand years.

Unfortunately for Revik, she is also the one being left in the world who he absolutely cannot refuse.

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