Today we have five heart-warming short stories from Australia’s past and present by author Genistra Fereselle. Enjoy!

Australian Love Stories (Australian Stories Book 1)
Genista Fereselle
Genre: Short Stories | Romance

PORTRAIT WITH WINE STAINS: Two pencil drawings, one of them stained with wine. Comparing the portraits, good-time girl Bel has a crucial decision to make: the struggling grazier, or the flashy lover boy?

MISCAMBLE IS A MAN: Colonial widow Kate, expecting the rare company of another woman in her isolated outback home, makes all sorts of dainty preparations. Sparks fly when manly Miscamble turns up instead.

POP-UP LOVER: When Steve yells out the window of his truck’s cab, ‘Where you headin’?’, the girl thumbing a lift replies, ‘Wherever you’re going’s fine by me.’

MISS WESTAWAY’S GARDEN: Harriet’s disgraceful shipboard ‘romance’ has her vowing never to marry. But jilted fiancé Robert has other ideas…

ANDY’S GONE: Lily the proud peacock, or Jess the plain bushland bird – which girl will drover Andy try to cut out and rope in, when at last he returns from across the Queensland border?

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