Saul Tanpepper paints detailed pictures for the reader to put themselves into whatever moment he’s writing about. His novels are always well-written and a great read. Tanpepper doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence by constantly using simple language. He really makes you think about what you’re reading, and then wanting more. Enjoy!

GAMELAND Omnibus: Episodes 1-8 (S. W. Tanpepper’s GAMELAND)
Saul Tanpepper
4.6 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

$9.99 bundle price. Save over 55% vs. individual episodes!

In Long Island’s abandoned wasteland is a virtual reality arcade where the rich play a high-stakes game and zombies are their avatars. It’s both horrifying and addictive. For the poor, the only way in is to become an Undead Player.

On a whim, six hackers sneak onto the island for a glimpse of the victims of the decade-old outbreak. But if breaking in is easy, getting back out is a killer. You either play to win or you become part of The Game.

EPISODE 1: Deep Into the Game

Zpocalypto gamer Jessie Daniels and her gang plan to break onto Long Island for a glimpse of the Infected Undead, but a last minute addition raises tensions in the group. After an accident nearly takes the life of one of their members, emotions run dangerously high. Finding the abandoned wasteland unlike anything they ever expected, their excitement turns to dread as the dangers become all too apparent.

EPISODE 2: Failsafe

Jessie and Kelly clash when a group member is stranded among the Infected Undead. Kelly makes a rash decision that will ultimately deliver them into the hands of those who would turn them all into mindless players in The Game.

EPISODE 3: Deadman’s Switch

Unable to escape, the group digs in. Jessie is anointed their leader despite doubts she’s fit. A final attempt is made to leave, setting into motion events which will end with one of them dead, another infected, and all of them running for their lives.

EPISODE 4: Sunder the Hollow Ones

A mutiny splits the group, leaving Jessie exiled. As she struggles to bring everyone safely home, a chance encounter with one of Gameland’s residents dredges up deeply buried memories, leaving her haunted and dubious of her survival.

EPISODE 5: Prometheus Wept

Jessie decides to hand over a group member to a mysterious group of Undead sympathizers in exchange for a promised antidote. But will she be able to collect the medicine and return in time? Will the medicine even work? And will she be able to get them all back home again?

EPISODE 6: Kingdom of Players

Armed with a potential antiserum to the reanimation virus, Jessica races back to Gameland to save her infected friend. Waylaid along the way, she must fight to stay alive. Will she make it back in time? Or will her friend die and return as one of the Undead?

EPISODE 7: Tag, You’re Dead

Torn between rescuing her best friend from a homicidal maniac and tending an infected friend, Jessie, Kelly and Reggie argue over what to do. Reggie falls ill and the Undead break into their stronghold. Soon they’re in a battle which will deliver them to their darkest hour.

EPISODE 8: Jacker’s Code

The shocking conclusion to the high-tech horror thriller, GAMELAND: Determined to do whatever is necessary to get home, the survivors face some of the most difficult challenges of their lives. Who will make it back alive? And who will remain behind as one of the Undead Players?

For readers age 15+

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Insomnia (Paranormal Tales, Science Fiction and Horror)
Saul Tanpepper
Genre: Horror | Science Fiction

Insomnia: An inability to sleep; a state of agitated wakefulness, often as a result of troubling thoughts.

The word derives from the Latin roots in (“not”) + somnus (“sleep”). Further back, the word has roots from the Proto-Indo-European, in the term swepnos, meaning “dream.”

In somnia: engaged in the act of dreaming. To sleep, perchance to dream. Somnus also refers, in the figurative sense, to death. The ancient Roman god of sleep shared that name; he was a son of Night and brother of Death.

To dream, perhaps of dying. All themes in this collection. Includes the following titles:

  • The Grin
  • The Scenario Egg
  • A Thing for Zombies
  • Reached in Error
  • Raise the Dead
  • The Sacrifices We Make
  • The Promises We Keep

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The Last Zookeeper (a short story)
Saul Tanpepper
5.0 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Metaphysical | Science Fiction

Includes the bonus short story A Flaw in the Divine

Two stories about the promise- and the perils – of technology.

The Last Zookeeper: A young boy is tormented by his obsession with the aged caretaker of the world’s last animal menagerie. It’s only after the keeper’s passing that he finally understands why.

The Last Zookeeper is a 2600-word (~10-page) short story about extinction, annihilation, and the possibility of a future in which technology, not Man, is the apex predator.

A Flaw in the Divine: After the invention of an artificially intelligent machine capable of self-awareness, a man tries to use it to save humanity from destroying itself and the world, only to find that he has lost control of his own creation.

A Flaw in the Divine is a 3600-word (~14-page) short story with metaphysical, religious, and existential themes.

Both stories are suitable for all ages.

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Shorting the Undead and Other Horrors: A Menagerie of Macabre Minifiction
Saul Tanpepper
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Horror | Fantasy

Eight terrifying tales of the Undead and the Unliving.


  • OCCUPIED (a supermoto champion is trapped on an airplane with the Undead)
  • MR. NOVEMBER (four boys, a haunted house, and the World Series on Halloween)
  • THE HEADHUNTER (a story of redemption, salvation, and zombie hunters)
  • THE OBJECT OF HER OBSESSION (a young woman’s desire is so strong it reaches beyond the grave)
  • NOCTURNE (a man with a dark secret and an even darker obsession)
  • OUTSOURCED (a dark comedy about the economy and zombies that crave more than brains)
  • OPEN WIDE (payback comes in the form of a dentist’s drill)
  • GOLGOTHA (a scientist’s attempt at a zombie antidote goes horribly awry)

Approximately 88,000 words

For older teens and adults

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They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette)
Saul Tanpepper
4.4 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Science Fiction

Decades after an ecological disaster destroyed life on Earth, twenty brave souls flee their crowded space station in hopes of resurrecting a failed terraforming experiment on Mars. As expected, they find the planet abandoned, but in a startling turn of events the world has become an Edenic paradise. As they begin preparations to receive the last tattered remnants of Mankind, they soon begin to realize that the missing colonists who came here fifteen years earlier never actually left.

And neither will they.

They Dreamed of Poppies is an 8500-word novelette about the dangers of genetic experimentation, human extinction, and space exploration. Appropriate for readers of all ages.

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