I am usually not one to put diet books in my posts, but the one I added today has the most delicious cheeseburger on the cover. I think I can truly be happy in a world where diet books have cheeseburgers on the covers…there is hope.

Extensis Vitae
Gregory Mattix
4.5 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Michael Reznik is a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious underground bunker, with a technologically advanced body he doesn’t recognize. The people around him have cast aside fighting and warfare. They haven’t needed them—until now.

Reznik is charged with tracking down a band of ruthless killers and finding a kidnapped doctor. He finds himself honor-bound to do what is right for the people who brought him back from the dead. A peaceful people are depending on him to do what is right. Can he live up to their expectations, even when he finds out that his new body has an expiration date?

“Extensis Vitae” is a gritty, post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure.

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The Luck of the Weissensteiners (The Three Nations Trilogy Book 1)
Christoph Fischer
4.7 Stars (176 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | World Literature

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In the sleepy town of Bratislava in 1933 a romantic girl falls for a bookseller from Berlin. Greta Weissensteiner, daughter of a Jewish weaver, slowly settles into life with the Winkelmeier clan. The political climate and slow disintegration of the multi-cultural society in Czechoslovakia becomes more complex and affects relations between the couple and their families.

The story follows their lot through the war with its torment, destruction and its unpredictability – and the equally hard times after.

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Blood Sport (The McKays Book 2)
A.J. Carella
4.4 Stars (72 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Kat is settling in to her new life in Brecon Point but her future with Finn looks uncertain. Can he ever forgive her for her betrayal?

A chance encounter along a lonely road forces them together and their personal problems must be pushed aside as they uncover a terrible secret that has been flourishing on their own doorstep.

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What She Left Us
Stephanie Elliot
4.6 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Jenna and Courtney are dealing with the unexpected death of their mother in different ways. Jenna broke off her engagement to the man she thought she’d love forever, while Courtney headed back to college to take charge of a dorm-floor full of college students as a resident assistant.

Six months later, Jenna is fueled by panic over the news that the sisters may have the same disease that caused their mother’s death and she makes an irrational decision – she packs it up and heads to college to be with Courtney. The timing couldn’t be worse for Courtney, who’s discovering love for the first time with Mitch, a sexy guitar player who may just be off limits.

Emotionally unstable, Jenna wonders if she made the worst mistake of her life by breaking off her engagement with Darren, and when he shows up to make amends, she can’t help but second-guess her decision. But then there’s Clay, the compassionate bartender at Klippy’s who seems to understand everything Jenna’s going through. And those hazel eyes just seem to see right through to Jenna’s soul…

As the girls maneuver through their unpredictable futures, trying to manage their new health risks as well as tumultuous love lives, Courtney finds a disturbing photograph that indicates there may be more to their family than she ever imagined.

This stunning revelation could shatter the sisters to the very core, making them question everything they thought they knew about their family, their faith, their past and, most of all, each other.

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Pure Fat Burning Foods – The Easy, Healthy Way To Permanent Fat Loss With ZERO Calorie Counting!
Jennifer James
4.8 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Are you looking for a list of fat burning foods that you can eat and enjoy? If so, this may be the most important report you read this year…

Conventional wisdom says that in order to lose weight, you need to reduce calories and exercise more, right?


Dieting in this way is a surefire way to “destroy” your metabolism and increase your insulin resistance making it harder and harder to lose weight.

In this report, you’ll learn how to lose weight without dieting, but eating CORRECTLY!

In fact, the only real way to lose weight FAST from your body without surgery, pills, potions and ZERO counting calories, and do it healthily – is to eat… NUTRITIOUS FOODS! Nutritious “fat burning food” is our best defense again illnesses, ailments, stubborn weight and EVEN belly fat. The secret is to eat foods that have a high “nutrient content” and eliminate foods that your body doesn’t recognise and CANNOT use (empty calories). In this enlightening “fat burning” report, you’ll discover:

˃˃˃ The Real Reason You’re Overweight & What You Can Do About It Starting Right NOW!

Get off the diet treadmill once and for all and understand why you are overweight and EXACTLY what you need to do so you never need another weight loss plan again.

˃˃˃ Why The ‘Conventional’ Food Pyramid Will Do Nothing But Make Your Fat & Nutrient Deprived

It’s true. There are so many mis-understandings about the food we consume it’s crazy. Could the food industry and the government be too profit focused to look at the evidence staring at them in the face? You decide.

˃˃˃ The Easy Way To Curb Your Cravings for JUNK, Hint: Control Your Blood Sugar Insulin Response & You’ll Crave The Good NOT The Bad!

That’s right. A few small tweaks and you can actually start craving food that’s highly nutritious instead of “sugar-laden” junk. It’s true.

˃˃˃ Discover The Worst 9 Food Groups — Common In Every Supermarket That Is Killing Your Chances Of Losing Your Belly Fat & Keeping It Off!

These are eye opening, you don’t want to miss these.

˃˃˃ The 12 Food Groups That Aid Weight Loss, Control Your Blood Sugar Insulin Response & Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine.

Here we highlight specifically the groups of foods you need to start eating to reduce your junk cravings and FINALLY start losing that stubborn weight.

˃˃˃ The Misconceptions & Lies Of The Food Industry That Riddles Our Food With Harmful Junk, Fillers and Cheap Substitutes — When Consumed, Turn Your Body Into a Fat Storing Nightmare.

That’s right. We’re being lied too. Before your next trip to the grocery store – you’ll want to read about this…

˃˃˃ How To Burn Fat “Fast” By Eating Nutritious Foods Your Body Was Designed To Eat & How To Remove Toxic Foods That Kill Your Chances Of Health, Weight Loss & Vitality.

Your body was not designed to eat toxic, harmful junk with man-made substitutes. Remove these toxic foods and increase your health and fat burning potential.

˃˃˃… and much, much more!

No, really. There is much more including the tightly held secrets of the fitness industry that allows fitness professionals to drop their body fat to frighteningly low levels.

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