This latest book by Annette Drake is truly a great portrait of Alaska and some of the people you might meet there. Mixed with a chance meeting and a touch of romance, the characters are engaging and are well done. The kind of people you would like to meet and call your friend. Enjoy!

A Beautiful Day in Alaska
Annette Drake
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

Today is the worst day of Robin Kincaid’s life.

She’s supposed to fly to Seattle to finalize her divorce so her two-timing husband can marry his very pregnant secretary. But when Mt. Redoubt erupts, all planes in or out of Anchorage are grounded. Robin isn’t going anywhere until tomorrow.

Then, there are no hotel rooms available, this being the height of tourism season in Alaska. Reluctantly, Robin agrees to share a suite with fellow stranded traveler and wealthy businessman, Charlie Land.

As for Charlie, he’s got one day to convince this oh-so-desirable woman that life’s too short to live in the painful past.

She’s his tour guide. He’s the salve for her broken heart.

Both of their lives will be changed forever by a beautiful day in Alaska.

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