Teri Kanefield, the award-winning author of The Girl From The Tar Paper School and Rivka’s Way, brings us a nimble and evocative novel with sign language at its center. Turn On the Light So I Can Hear is about reaching across distances, the transformative powers of art, and finding a place to belong. Enjoy!

Turn On the Light So I Can Hear
Teri Kanefield
4.4 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance

A young artist badly in need of money bluffs her way through an interview into a job she is not prepared for.

To succeed, she must make room in her life for two people: Curtis, a deaf architect who has sworn he will never date a hearing woman, and thirteen-year-old Alex, profoundly deaf, rebellious, bold, and frightened. As each takes new risks in friendship and love, the hearing and deaf worlds come together.

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