The Unbelief Series by C.B. Stone is a A Dystopian Adventure you can’t put down! Readers who enjoy such novels as The Hunger Games or Divergent, will love this fast-paced post-apocalyptic romance.

Rehabilitation: Romantic Dystopian (Unbelief Series Book 1)
C.B. Stone
4.2 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Children’s eBooks | Coming of Age | Science Fiction

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“My name is Sinna Reardon. I suppose deep down I’d like to believe God exists. But he doesn’t, not since the war. Most days I’m OK with that. Jacob calls me a pessimist, but I’m a realist. How can I Believe when a place like Rehabilitation and a regime like the Elite exist, dictating our every move?

If God were so great, he’d do something. But he hasn’t. We’re forgotten. And that scares me, because it means I might have to do something myself…”

Sinna has spent her life walking a fine line between breaking the rules and obeying them to a fault. In a Godless world where science and logic reign supreme and people are punished for Believing, are friendship and love reasons enough to abandon unbelief? Enough to put her faith in something bigger than herself?

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Ruin: Teen Dystopian (Unbelief Series Book 2)
C.B. Stone
4.3 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Children’s eBooks | Science Fiction

“I dream that night of walking through the ruins. Strangely, I’m barefoot. Yet the snow beneath my feet doesn’t feel cold, I don’t even feel cold. Somehow though, I’m going the right way, I know I am. I’m not sure how I know… it’s just a knowing I feel deep down in my bones.”

Sinna’s has stumbled into a world unlike any she’s ever known. Her eyes have been opened and there’s no going back. She’s never considered herself a Believer, she always left that to Jacob, but things are happening fast. Is there something to this faith stuff after all? And if there is, is it enough to see her through what’s coming next?

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Revelation: Teen Dystopian (Unbelief Book 3)
C.B. Stone
4.8 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Children’s eBooks | Coming of Age | Science Fiction

“This plan–this crazy, stupid, impossible plan–could work. At the very least, it will serve to get the boys back into the folds of the Elite, so they don’t come to any harm for helping me. And it’ll get me back inside so I can try to save my father–but then what? How will I get him out? We have no guarantees this will even work…”

Sinna is headed back to Rehabilitation. Like it or not, she doesn’t see any other alternatives. She can’t just pretend everything is okay, and hide out in the Garden. But how will they get back there? And what will happen when they do? Will they be able make it back out alive a second time? Sinna isn’t at all sure about any of it, but her conscience won’t let her back out now.

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