I don’t think it’s really procrastinating. I think the list of “To Do’s” is so long that it takes forever to get things done.

The Perfect Murder
Tracy Stewart
4.9 Stars (41 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Murder 1: The Perfect Murder, George

Surrounded by the reminders of how social networking is changing relationships, George is left to make a decision which is life changing. In his sixties and tired of the way that people bury themselves in a false world, behind the anonymity of computer screens, George decides to take action.

Will the murder be the perfect murder? Will he leave no trace of his actions? This is a case of unplanned victory. As his wife, Vera, finds her end, George has to live with what he has done. A perfect murder leaves to real trace. A perfect murder leaves no regrets. How will a man in his senior years fight back against the perils of Facebook?

In this book, George Stringer is confronted by choices, put there by chance, and commits the perfect murder, a murder with few consequences and little regret. Will this gentle soul be suspected? Or does he have the answer to committing the perfect crime?

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Wake the Dead (Wake The Dead Series Book 1)
Gary F. Vanucci
4.1 Stars (63 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Science Fiction

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Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content, strong language, and violence. It is intended for mature audiences.

When Alex’s idyllic life becomes hell on earth in the face of a zombie apocalypse, his survival skills keep him one step ahead of danger. With the companionship of a lone wolf, Alex begins to accept this cruel existence, struggling at times to keep a moral compass, and setting out on a new quest of hope where he not only wants to survive, but also seeks to thrive in a world besieged by the living dead.

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MouseStruck: An Animal Rights Activist Story (Memories and biographies)
Ita Stein Gvirtzman
4.7 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Biographical

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A genuine and rarefied glance into the world of vivisection. A significant contribution to animal ethics discourse.

“For over twenty years, my friends at the laboratory were mainly white and black mice, there were also gray mice and rats and a few rabbits. I consider them my friends because I truly loved them all and it is beyond my understanding how in my own two hands, without a flinch or hesitation, and without even being able to think of another possible way, I had caused them all such suffering.”

This is a unique and rare candid account of a vivisector who, after a long career in vivisection, had decided to break the wall of silence and courageously tells the story of lab animals that intertwines with her own life story.

The author is a former vivisector who, for over twenty years, had practiced animal experimentation for the sake of science.

MouseStruck is a true account unfolding the process of the author crossing the lines after contracting cancer following many years of participating in the research to find a cure for this class of diseases, and a sincere attempt to comprehend the vivisection act.

“This is my attempt to share my frustration and bewilderment in the face of the unreasonable reason, double standards, unsynchronized academic disciplines, and the rift between academic discourse and actual reality, while expressing my sense of freedom after releasing myself from the trap of a daily routine which eroded and distorted my life. I wish to reveal the atrocities, to protest against the scientific arrogance which is detached and alienated from the Humanities and the human spirit, and to allow the reader to grasp the inconceivable.”

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The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky: A Retelling of Grimms’ King Thrushbeard (The Noah and Clare Chronicles Book 1)
Buffy Naillon
4.9 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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When reality star Clare King wakes up on her wedding day, she knows only two things…One: that she’s about to marry a complete stranger, a beggar off the street…and Two: that her ruthless father set the marriage up. After her father’s plans for her wedding day go awry, she is forced to go on the run with her new husband, an enigmatic and handsome man she knows only as John.

But what could have been the most terrifying time of Clare’s life turns into something else entirely when this rich-girl-turned-beggar’s-wife finds unexpected refuge and love among the dregs of society. Her new life is shattered when she discovers the origins of SOA, the deadly disease that’s ravaging the twenty-second century. Its unexpected origins throw Clare back into her father’s world, with devastating consequences to her new-found life and love.

This book contains sensitive subject matter and at times, deals with mature themes.

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Box Set: Natural Remedies that Work + Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Beginners + Apple Cider Vinegar for Beginners: Detox, Home Remedies, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Healing
Jessica Jacobs
4.2 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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DISCOVER:: A Box Set that Includes the Following Kindle Books:: Natural Remedies that Work + Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Beginners + Apple Cider Vinegar for Beginners

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If you’d like to gain high-quality, practical information that is not only easy to use but also beneficial to your health and wellness, then please read on…

Book 1: Natural Remedies that Work: How to Heal and Protect Yourself without the Use of Prescriptions

✔Why Even Use Natural Remedies?

✔Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

✔Natural Remedies for Skin Problems

✔Natural Remedies for Gastrointestinal Problems

✔Natural Remedies for Infants

✔Key Takeaways from this Book Summed Up Nicely

✔List of Resources for Further Reference

Book 2: Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Beginners: Proven Formula Secrets to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Healing and Beauty

✔A Short and Interesting History of Aromatherapy

✔What Essential Oils Are and How they Work

✔Different Way of Using Essential Oils

✔Safe Essential Oil Usage

✔Essential Oil Dilution and Carrier Oils

✔Using Essential Oils for Skin and Hair

✔Using Essential Oils for Weight Loss and the Digestive System

✔How to Impact Your Mood by Using Essential Oils

✔List of Resources for Further Reference

Book 3: Apple Cider Vinegar for Beginners: An Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook with Proven Secrets to Natural Weight Loss, Optimum Health and Beautiful Skin

✔How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Be of Use to You

✔Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss and Detoxification

✔Apple Cider Vinegar for Optimum Health

✔Beautiful Skin with Apple Cider Vinegar

✔The Most Simple, Easy Way to Begin Making Apple Cider Vinegar

✔Key Takeaways from this Book Summed Up So It’s Easy for You to Take Action

✔List of Resources for Further Reference

Lastly, please note that the core message in these books isn’t that traditional medicines are terrible.

Instead, the goal is to provide well-researched and thought-out alternatives that can be used if you’re feeling stuck or just interested in trying out something new.

As many of the reviewers have commented, there are some fantastic benefits and information held within this box set of books.

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