With vivid descriptions and tight character development, author Greg Strandberg takes you on the ultimate adventure. Enjoy!

The Hirelings
Greg Strandberg
3.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Fantasy

It’s been six months since the horrendous incident atop Mount Misery, the incident that broke Beldar Thunder Hammer’s band of adventurers apart.

Now Beldar’s putting the band back together with the aim of heading back up Mount Misery to end the Kingdom’s Hireling system for good.

Of course that would upend the whole socio-economic balance of The Kingdom and usher in a time of peace and plenty for all.The powers-that-be can’t have that, and they’ll do everything in their power to thwart Beldar and his band of Hirelings from bringing that about.

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The Jongurian Mission (The Jongurian Trilogy Book 1)
Greg Strandberg
3.6 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Children’s eBooks | Teen & Young Adult

In the West, a fragile peace has held the bickering provinces of Adjuria together for the past twenty years. In the East, the Empire of Jonguria has been bound together for generations by force.

But now both countries are losing their grip. Will an Adjurian Royal Council offer up a solution, or will politics prevail? Can two ancient enemies bind their wounds, or is their hope for reconciliation, the Jongurian Mission, doomed from the start?

Join a motley group of war veterans tasked with opening up a reclusive country. But when their mission of peace suddenly turns deadly, all bets are off, and the Jongurian Mission takes on a whole new meaning: survival.

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G.I. JOE: The Dreadnoks (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Rise of Coil Book 1)
Greg Strandberg
Genre: Movie Tie-Ins | War

The U.S. government disbanded the G.I. JOE Team six months ago. And why not? Cobra was defeated, M.A.R.S. was on the run, and the threat from Serpentor ended. Or was that just a trick?

In the sleepy Florida Everglades a group of mercenaries is bored. To liven things up they decide to invade a military base. Backed by Tomax and Xamot and the power of Extensive Enterprises, nothing stands in their way.

Nothing, that is, until the remnants of G.I. JOE get word.

Volume I of X


Thrasher judged the distance, then checked his mirrors. Buzzer and Ripper were hanging on just fine.

“Grab Torch,” he said, looking over at Monkeywrench.


“Grab Torch’s arm, now!” Thrasher yelled.

Monkeywrench did so, much to the surprise of Torch, who glared back at him. It didn’t matter – Thrasher spun the wheel to the right and the Thunder Machine began to tip.

“Whoa!” everyone yelled.

“I got ya!” Monkeywrench shouted out as he clung to Torch’s arm.

It was a good thing too. The vehicle began to tip over but Thrasher spun the wheel back at just the last second, although not early enough for Zanzibar.

“Ah!” the pirate shouted out as he flew from the fast-moving vehicle and hit the ground hard, rolling a few times before laying still.

“What was that!” Buzzer yelled out when the vehicle was under control again and they only had twenty-five yards to the runway.”

“Bump in the road,” Thrasher said.

He glanced over at Torch, who now had his arm back and was hanging on tight, and although the older biker gave him a hard look, he said nothing. It was no secret that no one had really liked Zanzibar to begin with.

“They’re slowing!” Ripper yelled.

“I’ll get us right up alongside ’em,” Thrasher said.

He was as good as his word, getting the Thunder Machine right up next to the plane as the side cargo door opened.

“Glad to see you could make it,” Xamot called out with a large grin as the wind whipped back his hair in the airplane’s open door.

“Thanks for dropping by!” Torch said as he stood up and jumped into the door, covering the few feet between the two vehicles easily.

Buzzer and Ripper quickly scampered over the top of the Thunder Machine and then into the Night Raven, and a moment later Monkeywrench was through the front opening of the car and up into the plane as well.

“Here goes,” Thrasher said as he let go of the wheel and started out of the car.

Right away it began to drift to the left, but then thankfully it drifted back to the right.

“C’mon!” Torch shouted, his arm extended for the youngest Dreadnok.

Thrasher reached out and ran across the hood of the Thunder Machine and then jumped.

He made it, latching onto Torch’s arm to be pulled to safety.

“We’ve got to turn around and take off the other way,” Tomax called back to them from the cockpit.

“Runway’s too short,” Xamot said to them. “Get your guns and start shooting.”

He motioned over to the other side of the plane and the cargo door there, as well as the large cargo opening in the back.

“Ha, there’s none of ’em left!” Ripper laughed as he got to the door.

“Yeah, I don’t see-”

“Hey,” Monkeywrench shouted, cutting off Buzzer, “it’s Zanzibar.”

“You left a man behind?” Xamot asked, his anger plain.

“We thought he was dead,” Torch said.

“Well he will be here real quick if he doesn’t pick up the pace,” Xamot said, pointing out the open bay door in the back.

Although Zanzibar was running as best he could – limping really – he wasn’t going to catch the plane.”

“He could make it!” Buzzer yelled.

“He’s getting closer!” Monkeywrench called out.

“Tell him to slow it down a bit will ya?” Ripper yelled to Xamot.

Xamot looked up at his brother, just then starting to pull up on the controls.

“He’ll never make it,” he shouted, “it’s too-”

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Ale Quest
Greg Strandberg
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

1075 AD.William the Conqueror’s army sits outside Norwich Castle, the siege of three months going nowhere fast.

The men need ale, but there is none.One man can get it for them, Sir Peter Godfried.

Sir Peter has the fate of the kingdom in his hands, and he can’t let his king down – that ale must be found!He sets out, and along the way he finds love, trouble, laughs, and a hideous plot to upend the kingdom in this humorous and edgy historical novella.

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Dulce Base (The Dulce Files Book 1)
Greg Strandberg
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Science Fiction

The U.S. government has allowed the Grays, a race of extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli system, to establish a foothold on Earth at a place called Dulce Base, a secret underground base near the Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico.

This came about after President Eisenhower signed a treaty with them at Holleman Air Force Base in 1953, but following a surprise attack on the humans of the base in 1975, the treaty was deemed worthless and the U.S. government was in a bind.

Fast forward to 1979. A group of Special Forces – all “dead” Vietnam vets – are assembled with the sole task of taking the base back or destroying it.

When ungodly horrors are discovered on the base’s deepest levels, however, the mission changes from one of search and destroy to one of rescue. Aided by six super soldiers impervious to the mind attacks of the Grays, the men fight for humanity in an epic sci-fi battle you can’t afford to miss.

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