If you are looking for great advise on how to improve your sex appeal and attractiveness, or if you are wanting to step up your game in the art of persuasion, then this collection of books is just what you are looking for. Author Jack N. Raven has just the tools you need. Enjoy!

The X-Factor Code: Revolutionary Sex-appeal Intensification System
Jack N. Raven
4.7 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

The only book of its kind, offering the average folks (including the Professionals), powerful techniques, to intensify Sex Appeals! Employing Modeling techniques and cheats (including tactics from seduction and related fields), you can expect DRAMATIC improvements in your sex appeal, including your physical attractiveness!

Trust me, I don’t care what you look like! You still have so many more untapped reservoirs of external & internal beauty + sex-appeal sources, you don’t even know exists! We are going to find and exploit each one in this course. Yes, you can be more beautiful/handsome and definitely sexier!

For the models reading this? Whether you’re an aspiring or a Professional model, or you want to reach the next level by increasing your sex appeal and attractiveness? I’m sure you’ve realized by now — NO ONE teaches X-Factors! This book is “it”!

The same applies to my people in the seduction world (PUAs). You want to master seduction without words? Go ahead, click “Look Inside” for the preview. See if I’m just pulling that outta my ass. (lol)

Lastly, to the regular folks out there, who are simply fed up of second class treatment! As the better looking people of society, steal what’s theirs! Jobs, friendships,respect, even those they care about! If you’re not born looking like a certain way? You’re shit out of luck. Well, not anymore! Get it, and refund it, if it doesn’t work.

You need this book man! Isn’t it obvious yet? You wouldn’t find this, and be reading this description, if you didn’t need it! If you wanted recipes, you’d be reading a recipe book. But you’re here! Will you pass this up (again), unable to go back to this page, or just take action and begin acquiring the skills an hour from now? Are you that broke? Really? Spending 10k dollars on cosmetic surgeries, clothing, even hundreds of hours of hard labor in the gym can’t come close to the results I’m promising you today! Read on, to find out Exactly what you’ll get!

Would you like to “cheat” and gain a couple of inches in height?

How about a few inches added to your breasts or butt?

Would you like to a way to cheat a few centimeters to increasing/reducing otherbody parts?

How about sharpening or strengthening your facial features?

many more…

Those were just the physical looks improvements. What about the X-factors or Sex Appeals?

Sit beside someone, and that person will start feeling things! Attraction, lust, romance, connections — you decide what!

Look deep into someone, talk about plumbing, math formulas, how to conduct autopsy on a corpse — as sure you needing oxygen to live, that person will be having sexual or romantic thoughts about you!

For the unattractive? You’ll still be short, obese, missing an arm, who really gives a sh–? Just like Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones? They’ll still find you sexy and attractive, regardless of what the physical eye sees! Think about that for a moment.

This book will make you understand, in a PRACTICAL, non greeting card way, what Inner Beauty truly means, and how to use it in a fire vs. fire — your external beauty vs. my internal beauty warfare, to absolutely win and defeat the much better looking competition!

For the already gorgeous models reading this? Well, the more baseline attributes you possess that we can work with, the more we can turn you into a seduction/modelling super weapon! We’ll scavenge anything we can use, and INTENSIFY them!

many more…

From thin to obese, young and old, average-looking to the super gorgeous, knowing these techniques will level up your X-factors and physical attractiveness, to your absolute maximum potentials! Again this book is just a MAGNIFIER to what’s already there!The less you have, the less attributes we are able to magnify.

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The Injector Protocol: Inject Thoughts and Emotion Into Anyone, Anywhere!
Jack N. Raven
4.3 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help

One of the most overlooked and undermined tools in Persuasion disciplines are NLP Anchors. This book (including Hypno-Machines) will provide the you — the reader, what you need to expertly use Anchors and similar tools to effortlessly and consistently inject yourself into everything that exists — imagined or real, concept or objects — to make the targets think and feel whatever you want, all on autopilot!

This book goes into the nitty-gritty of installing essences of yourself into physical and non-physical subjects, concepts, ideas and memories.

There are many ways to go about anchoring yourself into a target’s mind and the objective is to inject yourself into as many places of the idea as possible. Hopefully into positive or beneficial feelings and emotions so you can achieve positive associations.

You will come out of this, appreciating Anchors in a practical, down to earth, ” An Operator in the trenches” point of view that students learning Anchors from a clinician or therapeutic concentrations would simply not be exposed to!

Trust me, I have meet hundreds of so called NLP guys, and not very many trully understand it! Follow my advice, and you’ll come out ahead!


Hypno Machines – How To Convert Every Object In Your Environment As a Device For Psychological and Emotional Manipulaton!

This book is all about reprogramming and having control of literally every object that exists in the world, and any object and concepts, feelings and emotions that exists only in the mind, as actual tools that affect change within you! (Note: Injector protocol is geared for other people, while this helps create changes WITHIN the operator!)

By tools, it literally means tools! Physical objects metaphorically functioning like electronic devices with actual on/off switches, volume knobs and levers.

The same technology can also be applied as a tool of persuasion and brainwashing, depending on the intent of the Operator or user.

Though not a book on the occult, students of the occult will be able to utilize the technologies here and make some modifications for use in ritual magic purposes too.

By following the recommendations in this book, you can literally turn everything in the world as a physical devices for emotional, psychological and even spiritual development not only for you, but for every one you care about!

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Power of Routines: Consistent, Flawless, Error-free Performance Everytime!
Jack N. Raven
4.5 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

Would you like to Attract Women much more powerfully? Perhaps teach women how to fall in love with you? Or you’re just interested to have sex with beautiful women? This book will give you the ultimate tools to seduce women much more predictably and easily!

Of all PUA books in existence, nothing else goes as deep into pua routines and game scripting to give you the edge into one of the most overlooked advantages to having phenomenal game!

If you tried to incorporate routines in the past and failed or quit? Its not your fault! You have not been taught how to treat routines properly! In order for routines to work in the long haul? You have to have the CORRECT mindsets and inner-game to be congruent with this paradigm.

Most importantly? What will tons of routines actually do for you if you can’t even internalize them? You can’t even access them in the field? Solutions to that problem is talked about in this pua handbook.

The Pickup Gurus who teach routines, come from a sense of lack! You must not treat routines as replacements for personality, just like how those with no game treat cars, cash to overcompensate for their lack!

You must have the perfect inner game and attitude about routines in order to make them work, and not abandon them as thousands have!

You simple cannot achieve a much more solid and full rounded powers in game, except through professional grade game-which is only possible by capturing your best self, and the best experiences and emotions in your life!

Although the book is primarily written for those in the seduction community? You’d come to realize the principles laid out in the book apply in any other performance arts.

If you are involved in ANY other performance art? Routines are just not an option as you’ve probably realized. They are a must! A MUST if you desire to truly maximize your powers and potential in the craft!

Not only to be able to seduce women? But will also give you the tools how to make friends and influence people. That’s right, learning how to win friends is a non event.Its so damn easy when you know what to say or do every single time!

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How Not To Give a Shit!: The Art of Not Caring
Jack N. Raven
4.2 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

Would you like to learn how to stop giving a damn?There are situations where you just need to remove emotional attachments to people and situations to function properly.

In this book we go into great detail on the forces why we care (when this is not a luxury), and how we can dismantle these elements effectively! To liberate ourselves from caring too much, stop caring what others think-to make us emotionally detached!

If you want to possess this ability? A required skill set for Professionals in fields dealing with people i.e. persuasion, seduction, contact sales etc, then this book is a must-read! Arm yourself now from being over run by your emotions! Learn the Art of not caring and stop giving a flying f*ck!

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Manipulative Eye Contact Techniques: Install thoughts and feelings just with your eyes!
Jack N. Raven
4.6 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

This does not require a kindle device. Can be read online or downloaded to your mobile device or computer

One of the most undermined communication channel people either under utilize or don’t use at all, are the eyes.

This book will teach you powerful, easy, and covert techniques that will give you the power to “suggest” or install any thought, picture, feelings to any target, any time!

These powerful techniques are proven and still being used by the best actors, models and elite persuaders. Which ever field you are in, increase your communication powers and body language skills by learning these super-secret eye communication techniques!

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