Author Magnolia Belle has a magnificent way with the written word. She weaves a story that is complex, yet is compelling to the reader in such a simple way. She touches the reader’s heart by giving life to her characters and a storyline that crosses the line in a time when the wild frontier was new and every day was a struggle to survive.

T’on Ma
Magnolia Belle
4.4 Stars (82 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Action & Adventure | Sagas | Romance

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T’on Ma is set in Texas during the 1850s, when Lana Cooper meets Two Hawks, a young Kiowa warrior, who gives her the name T’on Ma, Kiowa for Water Woman.

Lt. Liam O’Connell is a West Point graduate assigned to Ft. Worth. On a scouting mission, he meets the Cooper family. One look at Lana and he knows that he must pursue her.

Through adventure, captivity, betrayal, marriage, and death, these three lives intertwine as Lana tries to find her way between two men who she loves. Her choices cost them all.

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Magnolia Belle
4.8 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Romance

Tascosa, Texas, 1880, is the wildest, most lawless town known to man.When Amanda Clark leaves all she knows back East and travels to Tascosa, she has no idea what her future holds.After meeting Nate Bradford, a cow puncher from the LX Ranch, she is assured of a bright future, running her own business and in love with the man of her dreams.But, some dreams turn into nightmares, forcing her to make choices that leave her trapped.How will she survive them?

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