Marah Woolf has created a fantastical, mythical world with fascinating creatures that anyone would love to encounter. Enjoy!

SilverMoonLight – Paranormal-Romance (Silver Moon Saga Book 1)
Marah Woolf
4.4 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

The SilverMoonSaga starts now

“Even the very first time I saw you, I had the feeling that you wouldn’t be good for me.”

Not even Emma’s worst nightmares could have prepared her for the dramatic change that takes place in her life. After the sudden death of her mother, she has no choice but to go and live with her Uncle and his family fom Washington on a sleepy town Portree.

The last thing she expects is to fall in love there. From the very first moment she meets Calum, his mysterious aura captivates her. He casts a spell on her, and even his seeming disinterest does little to change this. His contradictory behavior only adds to his allure. But before long this facade begins to crumble, and eventually even he gives in to his feelings.

When he reveals his true identity to her one day, she flees from him. But it’s too late, for she has already fallen head over heels…

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SilverMoonMagic (Paranormal Romance) (SilverMoonSaga Book 2)
Marah Woolf
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

”My heart began to pound, faster and faster. The heavy stone in my stomach seemed to get even bigger, but not with pain. It clattered around a little and then burst, releasing a thousand little butterflies.

He was alive. He was imprisoned, but alive. That was the most important thing. Calum wasn’t dead, he hadn’t disappeared into the unreachable beyond.”

When Emma finds out that Calum is still alive, she only has one focus: Bringing him back to her. But Calum has vanished into his world. A world into which she is unable to follow. But then everything starts happening very fast. Will Emma succeed in rescuing Calum?

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