Wild Irish Soul by New York Times Bestselling author Tricia O’Malley is a wonderful novel set in Ireland, that has a perfect touch of whimsy. O’Malley has created a delightful set of characters that will have you booking your next trip to Ireland in no time. Enjoy1

Wild Irish Soul (The Mystic Cove Series Book 3)
Tricia O’Malley
4.8 Stars (53 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

Love was never her strong suit. Aislinn is used to living life on her terms. As an artist with an extra-sensory gift, she allows her moods, and those of the natural world, to inspire her paintings for her gallery set in small town Grace’s Cove. Running her business as she pleases, Aislinn has danced around serious commitments her whole life. When Dr. Baird Delaney moves his psychiatry practice to town and stops by her shop to pick up some prints for his office, Aislinn’s world tilts. Irresistibly drawn to his presence, yet convinced that the uptight doctor is a poor match for her free-flowing artistic soul, Aislinn is torn. Both Aislinn and Baird will have to suspend their beliefs as they tumble headfirst into a messy, unrepentant love that challenges both to accept each other unequivocally.

Wild Irish Soul is a stand alone novel and book 4 of the Mystic Cove Series.

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