The Warmest Winter is an intricate murder mystery where no one is exactly who they seem to be. As befitting all great crime thrillers, there are more unexpected twists than in a barrel full of red herrings. These serve to maintain the reader’s interest and create the marvelous atmosphere of constant tension present throughout. Enjoy!

The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery
Greatest Alive
4.5 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: African American | Urban | United States | Teen & Young Adult

A collage of a grisly murder, rampant adultery, questionable alibis, and heart halting truths heat up what is normally the frosty season of Chicago.Attorney James Gordon is thrust with the unenviable task of trying prove his friend’s innocence in a crime that defies the definition of horrible, while also combating his own demons. Chicago has never been this warm during the Winter.

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