If you have a fondness for offbeat, quirky, enjoyable heroines, you’re in luck! Jane the Hippie Vampire by author Lisa Lane, is a fun, quick read with fabulous depth and character. Enjoy!

Jane the Hippie Vampire: Love Beads
Lisa Lane
4.2 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Urban

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She’s broke and homeless. She’s a vegetarian. She’s undead. Jane has had one hell of a time ever since she bumped into the wrong guy during the Summer of Love, but she’s taken it all in stride. Wandering from town to town, she seeks out the needy and the broken in hopes of breaking the curse that’s left her bloodthirsty and forever seventeen. In this first novella in the dramatic horror series, Jane the Hippie Vampire, Jane crosses paths with a middle-aged man who’s encountered her kind before–but he seems happy just to have the company. Of course, appearances can be deceiving, and his secret might just prove to be the end of her. Readers 18+

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