Dolphin Girl, by author Scott Neil, is a contemporary fiction novel that cuts across a number of genres, with a touch of comedy romance, urban life, men’s adventure and the paranormal. In this British tale with strong characters, set almost entirely in Scotland there are moments of mystery, suspense and humour.Enjoy!

Dolphin Girl
Scott Neil
3.7 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Fantasy

Suzy and Josh’s fractured relationship is teetering on the brink. Things couldn’t get any worse, or so Josh thought. An encounter with a mysterious, beautiful woman is just the beginning. Josh is in trouble. Suzy has had enough. With time running out Josh and three boozing buddies try to fix the mess. What could possibly go wrong? There is a thin line between reality and fantasy in the hard drinking culture of inner city Scotland, and it’s about to become a lot thinner as the dynamics of friendship, honesty and ultimately love are placed under scrutiny. Oh, and there’s a dolphin in a bathtub too.

To give added authenticity to the story’s setting and characters, there are some Scottish and British colloquial words and phrases sprinkled throughout the book. A short appendix at the end of the book acts as a dictionary resource for readers to look up these words.

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