Find a cozy spot, sit back and relax, and let these wonderful stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours. Enjoy!

One Winter’s Night: A Regency Yuletide
Jo Ann Ferguson
4.0 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Anthologies & Literature Collections | Anthologies

YULE BE MINE by Jo Ann Ferguson -Priscilla Flanders Hathaway and her new husband Neville are intending to spend Christmas together at their country estate with family — until a group of friends alight on their doorstep. The more the merrier… until they discover that one of their guests is about to commit murder…

NO ROOM AT THE INN by Karen Frisch – All the widow Rosemary Boughman wants for Christmas is to spend a joyous holiday with her young son in the small inn she’s inherited. And if business picked up — or even started — that would be even better. What she gets, however, is a visit from her late husband’s commanding officer… intent on keeping a promise.

IN THE SEASON OF LIGHT AND LOVE by Sharon Sobel – When her sister and brother-in-law are lost at sea, Miss Violet Makepeace vows to do anything she can to give her young niece and nephews a Christmas to remember. Unfortunately, she hadn’t anticipated having to share them — and the holidays — with the rakish, absolutely irresistible James Hanford, Earl of Greenlough.

A SEASON FOR GIVING by Shereen Vedam –  After one unsuccessful season, Miss Honoria Gilbert knows just what she wants in a husband. And she’s finally found him. But Christopher de Wynter isn’t your typical English gentleman. He’s living a double life, doing undercover work for the crown, and has no intention of letting anyone get too close. But then again, he’s never been up against the power of a young lady’s Christmas wish…

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A Devilish Slumber (The Rue Alliance Book 1)
Shereen Vedam
3.3 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

Since dealing with the death of her sister, and her abandonment by Sir Phillip Jones — the man who professed to love her — Lady Roselyn Ravenstock has lived as if sleepwalking. Mired in grief, she sequestered herself in her home, avoiding all callers. Then she meets Mrs. Helen Beaumont, and Rose starts to come to life… until Helen is murdered. But this time, Rose isn’t going back to sleep. Vowing to avenge her friend, Rose dons a costume and goes out into the night looking for a killer. Sir Phillip, the Regent’s favored spy, returns from war determined to win back the woman he was forced to leave three years ago. But when he witnesses Rose covered in blood, racing from a brutal scene while gripping the murder weapon, he goes on a desperate mission to unravel what he hopes is a case of mistaken identity. The investigation leads Rose into a world of enchantment, where people can reshape their features, fires are begun with a snap of fingers, and objects move of their own accord. But the real magic is the blazing attraction that is re-awakened between her and Phillip. Will Rose ever get her happily ever after? Possibly. But first, she’ll have to convince Phillip of her innocence — before the killer strikes again…

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