If you are ready for a new fast-past, gun-slinging , page turner then look no farther than, Sin Walks Into The Desert, by author Matt Ingwalson. This neo-western thriller seamlessly leaps across time and through suspense. Ingwalson crafted an efficient, engaging, and exciting thriller that leaves you satisfied, yet eager for more. This book will leave you wanting to follow Sin into the desert. Enjoy!

Sin Walks Into The Desert
Matt Ingwalson
4.4 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

Sin gets a late night call from la Calavera. She’s an ex-federal agent living on half a lung in a retirement home near the border. And she says el Viejo is missing. This is el Viejo she’s talking about. Diabetes and arthritis may have the old man in a rocking chair now, but in his day he was the baddest of snipers and the bravest of private eyes. He also saved Sin’s life, back when the boy was a 12 year old punk hellbent on shooting up the school bus with his daddy’s .357. So Sin heads off to find his mentor, only to find a nest of killers with ancient vendettas waiting for him in the desert with the kingsnakes and coyotes.

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