Escape to the quirky little town of Aurora with Annie, as she recaptures the happiness she once had in Where The Heart Lives by author Ariel Davis.

Where the Heart Lives (The Aurora Romances Book 1)
Ariel Davis
4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

Annie is mentally exhausted and physically drained. She has a raging case of writer’s block and her dead-beat boyfriend is sucking her dry, so when her best friend Chris invites her for a visit to small-town Aurora, she gladly accepts. The quirky little town instantly grows on her. Chris’ neighbor Scott takes it upon himself to show her around and Annie ends up learning as much about herself as she does about the town. Unfortunately, vacations end and reality has to resume. When Annie arrives back in Philly, it seems as if things may just work. She’s writing well again and her boyfriend seems to be making a genuine effort to make things work; that is, until she comes home early one day. With her life turned upside down, Annie’s thoughts keep drifting back to Scott and to the small town where she’d found so much peace. Unfortunately, life in the small town has moved on without her. Can Annie recapture the happiness that she’d found in the place where she’d left her heart?

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