Rachel’s and Darla’s stories, chronicled in “Booked For Love” by new author Cecile Kerry, is a wonderful read for anyone past the age of 25 who has wandered the dating field. Rachel and Darla, best friends, share a delightful sense of snarky humor, a dose of cynicism and that hidden part in many of us that loves the feel good aspects of romance and love. It is their gentle snarky humor that makes the book memorable – and believable. Enjoy!

Booked for Love (Beach Reads Romance Series Book 1)
Cecile Kerry
4.2 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Romance

Rachel and Darla have been attached at the hip since childhood and are happily running a little bookstore called Beach Reads in Outer Banks, NC. They’re living the dream; that is, until men enter the picture.

Rachel is perfectly happy with where she is in life. She loves her job and adores her little sister Sara and her sarcastic, tell-it-like-it-is best friend Darla. Darla’s son Milo and Rachel’s high school boyfriend, Rob, complete their little circle and life is great.

Suddenly, when Rachel hears through the grapevine that Rob’s high school buddy, Cameron, aka Mr. Football Stud and Mr. Arrogant Jerk, is moving back to town, things aren’t looking so bright. Cameron and Rachel hadn’t exactly gotten along in school and she’s dreading his return. Much to her surprise, Cam has grown up as much as she has and Rachel finds the new and improved Cam intriguing. Things start to heat up until Cameron’s ex tries to pick up where she and Cam left off in high school. Rachel has to decide if it’s time to close this particular book or read it through to the end. Meanwhile, Darla’s fairly-recent ex-husband has started dating again and she’s forced to face her new reality as a single mom. She misses having somebody to share her life with and decides to take action. After a few increasingly-horrible internet dates, Darla begins to think she’s never going to find a man that she can love and that Milo can look up to. As if her situation isn’t frustrating enough, Darla’s nemesis and fellow PTA mom, Lorrie, is making her life hell. When Darla is called to the principal’s office to discuss an issue about MIlo, she meets her son’s new, extremely handsome and heart-meltingly thoughtful teacher, Eliot. After a few interactions, Darla starts to think that he may just be the missing piece to her puzzle. Unfortunately, since he’s Milo’s teacher, he’s off-limits to Darla. Will her fairy tale be over before it even starts?

Warning: This book contains hilarious snark, dry sarcasm and snappy wit that will have you laughing out loud!

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