The Love, Lies & Consequences novels are compelling reads with a lot of twists, turns and unexpected happenings in the plot. Author Natasha D. Frazier makes readers go through the complexities of love and romance, and the lies and consequences that also form part of a relationship when the people in love are confused with the choices they make. Enjoy!

Love, Lies & Consequences
Natasha D. Frazier
4.4 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | United States | African American

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The only way to prove what you say you believe is to be put to the test. So was the case with Raegan who was all set to live a life free of sexual impurities until she met Rico, who challenged her character. Sex outside of marriage isn’t all that bad if you’re going to eventually marry that person, right? Afterall, Rico did want to marry her and she thought she wanted to marry him until Caleb, her college love, comes back into her life. Not only does Raegan have choices to make, but so does her good friend Tammy who gets a second chance at love with her estranged husband. What will they choose? Both friends find themselves in a whirlwind romance filled with Love, Lies & Consequences.

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Through Thick & Thin: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 2
Natasha D. Frazier
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | United States | Religious & Inspirational Fiction | African American

Engaged, pregnant, and unsure of her baby’s father, Raegan’s troubles have multiplied. In the sequel to the award-winning title, Love, Lies & Consequences, Raegan learns what it feels like to be loved completely. In turn, she must learn to forgive and return that same love that was given to her. Forgiveness and understanding won’t come easily. Caleb has promised to stay by her side–but will her guilt push him away? When Caleb’s past catches up to him, will Raegan remain by his side as he promised to stick by hers? Or does she hold him to a different standard? Will Raegan choose Caleb over her need to be in control of everything? Will they stick with each other Through Thick & Thin… or will the consequences of their past sins be too much to bear?

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