Author Thomas Hollyday makes you feel like you really know every character and you feel like you are walking in their shoes. Filled with drama, plots of terrorism and some ugly racism make for a very exciting read. Enjoy!

Terror Flower (River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book 5)
Thomas Hollyday
4.6 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Mystery | Women’s Fiction

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Jim Tench enjoys the challenge of custom building race cars in the Chesapeake harbor town of River Sunday. When his friend, Captain Bob, is found drowned, he assumes along with everyone else that it was a tragic fishing accident. Bob’s grandson, Smote Rojos, insists that he was murdered and draws Tench into the investigation. Clues seem to implicate Strake, a wealthy oilman and collector of antique automobiles. Tench knows that family from his past – he is still passionately in love with Strake’s talented daughter Julie. When a visiting African author begins to agitate for violent change and a bomb explodes in River Sunday because of her testimony before the United Nations, the search for answers becomes more urgent. Tench races against time to prevent the terror from escalating, with only the wisp of a clue, “Black-Eyed Susan”, to guide him through the darkness.

The River Sunday series are standalone stories which can be read in any order.Part of the proceeds from the sale of Thomas Hollyday fiction and non-fiction goes to support drinking water resources for wildlife.

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