From the critically acclaimed author of Etched On Me comes a poignant, moving story of resilience and second chances.

Necessary Madness
Jenn Crowell
4.3 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Literary Fiction

After nine short but blissful years of marriage, American expat Gloria Burgess’s world shatters when her British artist husband dies of leukemia. Estranged from her mother, utterly alone in her adopted home of London, she must now struggle to raise her young son on her own — and fight the temptation to sink into the self-absorption of grief that once drove her father to suicide. As she puts on a retrospective of her late husband’s work, Gloria finds solace in the form of an empathetic friendship with a charming widower, and agrees to let her mother cross the Atlantic to stay with her for their first visit in a decade. The reunion could drive the wedge between them deeper… or offer Gloria a priceless opportunity for regaining equilibrium and wholeness. Will she seize the opportunity, or turn her back on a new beginning?

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