Being a hero is not as easy as it looks. For a really entertaining read grab the first book in the Unlikely Hero Series by author Eric Padilla. Find out how one young hero faces not only villains who would rather act instead of talk about what evil they will do, but also learn to use powers he can’t quite control. Enjoy!

Unfurled: Heroing Is a Tough Gig (Unlikely Hero Series Book 1)
Eric Padilla
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult | Coming of Age

Heroing is a tough gig… When seventeen year old Daniel Nickers gains superhuman abilities, he believes his dream of becoming a superhero will finally come true. But life isn’t like the comic books and the job’s harder than he expected. He’s constantly in mortal danger as crime in his city soars. He can’t control his powers, and he’s faced with criminals who act instead of giving speeches about their plans. If that weren’t enough, a new supervillain named Crusher is gathering all the city’s criminals together into one organization. Their first order of business is to eliminate the pesky superhero who is the city’s only protector. Daniel must learn to use his powers to stop Crusher before the villain can implement his mysterious master plan or all that Daniel cares about could be lost — including his own life.

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