I think we are a bit overdue for an update on my sweet little guinea pig, Henry. First of all… he is happy and bouncy and still just the sweetest piggie a girl could ask for. Yes, I know he is my youngest basset’s piggie, but I have claimed him. He is growing fast, which is no surprise with the amount he eats. I am still learning a lot about piggies, and it has not been all sunshine and rainbows. I have been trying to bond with both Henry and Coco using food and being gentle when I pick them up for quality time, but they are still quite fearful when I approach. In fact Coco has bitten me a few times. I take it as a sign that he wants to be put back in his happy spot, so I try to respect that. Although I will say it hurts my feelings. Not to worry though, I can show much more patience with him than I do my garden.

The Last Second Chance: An Ed Earl Burch Novel
by Jim Nesbitt
4.8 Stars (32 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Ed Earl Burch, a cashiered vice and homicide detective, has his life narrowed down to chasing financial fugitives from the carnage of the oil bust and savings and loan crash that scarred Dallas in the mid-1980s. Throw in the occasional wayward spouse and a ready eye for the next round of bourbon, sipped with a boot resting on the rail of his favorite saloon.

He’s an ex-jock gone to seed, a private investigator with bad knees and a battered soul. He’s trying to keep at bay the memories of three ex-wives, the violent mistakes that got him booted off the force, a dead partner and the killer who got snuffed before Burch could track him down.

Play it smart and cautious. Keep the lines straight. Don’t take a risk. Don’t give a damn. It’s the creed of the terminal burnout and he’s living it a day at a time, drink by drink.

That all changes when Carla Sue Cantrell, a short blonde with ice-blue eyes and a taste for muscle cars, crystal meth and the high-wire double-cross, walks into his life. Pointing a Colt 1911 at his head, she tells him his partner’s killer, a narco named Teddy Roy Bonafacio, is still alive. She forces him into a deadly game where Burch is framed for murder and chased by cops and the narco’s hitman, a nasty piece of work named Willie “Badhair” Stonecipher.

Burch and Cantrell are on the run through the scrubby Texas Hill Country, home of the sixth largest bat cave in the world, and the high desert of El Paso and northern Mexico. They’re gunning for the same man both want dead – Bonafacio.

Known as T-Roy or El Rojo Loco, he’s surrounded himself with powerful allies at a rancho on the Mexican side of the border, including an old bruja and her sons who have a taste for human sacrifice rooted in the way of the ancient Aztecs.

Final destination – kill or be killed.

Take a waltz across Texas with Ed Earl Burch and Carla Sue Cantrell. It’s one helluva dance.

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Sisera’s Gift: Dragonblood Sagas
by Robyn Wideman
4.4 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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At first there were only rumors, but now it is known… Dragons have returned!

Kai is the town drunk. His life is simple, he works every day to pay for the drinks that help drown his sorrow, until one day when a beautiful warrior enters his favorite watering hole and changes his life forever.

Raven is a proud warrior sworn to defend Princess Isabella. Her task to take child away from a devious stepfather is interrupted by an ambush that leaves her in desperate need of a tracker. When she goes looking for help she has an altercation with the one man who can help her!

Princess Isabella flees one bad situation only to find herself in a much worse one. However, an unlikely character comes to her rescue. One that she had only dreamed about…

Author’s note: Sisera’s Gift continues the story of the return of dragons. This time on the Isle of Seron and does not include the human characters from Lyric’s Curse.

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Meet Clara Morgan (Clara Andrews – Book 3)
by Lacey London
4.2 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Clara is back!

Wedding bells are ringing for Clara and Oliver in Meet Clara Morgan – the much anticipated, third installment in the Clara Andrews Series.

When Clara, Lianna and Gina all find themselves engaged at the same time, it soon becomes clear that things are going to get a little crazy.

With Lianna and Gina busy planning their own impending nuptials, it’s not long before Oliver enlists the help of Janie, his feisty Texan mother, to help Clara plan the wedding of her dreams.

However, it’s not long before Clara realizes that Janie’s vision of the perfect wedding day is more than a little different to her own.

Will Clara be able to cope with her shameless mother-in-law Janie?

What will happen when a groom gets cold feet?

And how will Clara handle a blast from the past who makes a reappearance in the most unexpected way possible?

Join Clara and the gang as three very different brides, plan three very different weddings.

With each one looking for the perfect fairytale ending, who will get their happily ever after…

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The Gold Bonanza
by John Russell Fearn
Genre: Westerns | Thrillers

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A secret worth killing for…

Old prospector Dusty Morgan had never given up hope that one day, he’ll find his long-sought after gold bonanza.

So far, all the gold he’s got is a handful of dust from weeks of sifting rivers.

But whilst trekking through Arizona, near to the town of Hell’s Acre, his luck finally changes.

He quite literally falls into a genuine gold mine.

Dusty knows he can’t just tell anyone about his find, but he figures that Val Kent is probably the only person he can trust with his secret,

Miss Val Kent works her days as a singer at Hell’s Acre’s only saloon, The Last Frontier.

Having grown jaded and looking for a way out of town, when Dusty shows her a chunk of gold, she’s eager to know the mine’s whereabouts.

Drew Carson, owner of The Last Frontier, immediately suspects something’s up.

Managing to cause the old wanderer to reveal his secret, he kidnaps the old man in a desperate bid to keep him from talking.

What’s more – someone else saw Dusty and the gold.

Maninza, a rancher and Aztec Indian, wants to claim the gold she sees as her rightful ancestral property.

If she waits for the right moment, Maninza can swoop in and get Dusty to spill the beans on the gold mine before Carson and his gunhawks can.

Like Carson, all she has to do is be patient.

Meanwhile, suspecting that Carson has taken her old friend, Val ropes in the help of a homesteader, Rod Gayland and his foreman, the portly Bill Tandrill.

Fond of Val, Rod tries to keep her safe but even she can’t escape the bloody mess that ensues…

Can he and Bill find Dusty before its too late?

Full of action and twists and turns, The Gold Bonanza is a thrilling Western about the notions of loyalty, greed and love.

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Backyard Bird Guide: Attracting Wild Birds to Your Yard
by Brian Grant
3.8 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Sports & Outdoors | Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Create a Place in your Backyard to Attract Wild Birds

Wild birds play an important role in our environment and ecosystem. And there are over one-thousand different species of birds in North America alone.

Discover how you can create a habitat that will attract wild birds to your backyard. Inside you’ll learn about birds, their importance to our environment, the decline in species from land development, climate change and predators.

Find out what you can do to create a backyard habitat that wild birds will love.

Enjoy native bird species in your newly created backyard habitat, as well as migrating species who may stop by while on their journey.

An Exciting and Experiencing Hobby that Everyone in the Family can Enjoy Together.

Learn about the bird patterns over time with our helpful guide to tracking your visitors with a journal.

Inside you will get the details on designing a bird-friendly backyard habitat, with tips that apply to any size garden space. The different types of bird feeders available, how they provide food to certain birds. How to keep your feathered friends safe from predators, as they come to your garden.

A selection of North American bird species are discussed with details on bird diets, water and nesting area needs. We provide details on the types of natural food sources that should be provided through shrubs, fruit trees and flowers.

Useful and easy to digest information that will keep you entertained for hours when your new little bird friends start visiting your yard!

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