It seems I have an unwanted guest hanging out on my fence, and he thinks this is the best restaurant EVER! Everything on the menu looks delicious. He wouldn’t mind starting out with an sweet little appetizer called the Heather, and then working his way through the menu starting with Jackie and ending with Iggy. He heard that the dessert is DELISH! Young guinea pig with a side of another guinea pig. He is not fond of the waitstaff that has a tendency to run through the restaurant screaming and waving her arms. I have no clue what I am going to do. This hawk is not afraid of me and returns within minutes after I jump out at him screaming. The piggies are still very small and fearful, so they wont be going outside anytime soon, but I feel bad for my sweet chickies. They can’t be out at all unless I am standing right there. I am thinking the garden hose might have to come into play here.

Stone and Spark: Book 1 in the Raleigh Harmon mysteries (The Raleigh Harmon prequel mystery series)
by Sibella Giorello
4.7 Stars (85 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

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During the worst week of her life, Raleigh Harmon discovers her destiny.

Her best friend is a smart-mouthed genius girl named Drew Levinson. But Drew is gone. Nowhere to be found. Everybody insists Drew ran away. But Raleigh suspects something worse.

Armed with one rock hammer, an encyclopedic knowledge of city criminal codes, and a stubborn streak wide as the Chesapeake Bay, Raleigh searches for clues.

• Did Drew secretly meet somebody?

• Did her loony parents finally push her over the edge?

• Or is Raleigh’s hunch dead-on: Drew didn’t choose to leave…

The first book in the best-selling Raleigh Harmon mystery series, Stone and Spark introduces the girl who will grow up to become a forensic geologist and FBI agent — provided she survives her high school years.

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Deja Vu
by Multiple Authors
4.2 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Thrillers | Family Life | Metaphysical

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What if you can relive your life, from the age of sixteenth?

Rose wakes up two weeks after her sixteenth birthday in a hospital. She doesn’t remember anything from her past or the circumstances that brought her there. Her family and friends surround her with love, helping her to recover and return to her life. But, for Rose, life has begun at the age of sixteen; she doesn’t remember her childhood, her parents, nor David, her childhood sweetheart.

The years pass. Rose’s life turns boring as hell. She knows something had gone wrong, but what? She can’t tell, and sadly watches her youth fades away. At the age of thirty-two, she wakes up in the hospital…

She is sixteenth again.

Can she change her fate?

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Intervention: A Science Fiction Adventure
by J.W. Huemme, Nancy Halseide
4.1 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Over population, global warming and food shortages have caused the American government to devise a plan that only allows for the survival of 7% of the world’s population — the handpicked elite. Among this group is Christopher Adams.

Christopher grows up with kind and loving parents who are devoted to each other. His father is an insurance salesman and his mother is a stay-at-home mom. Just your average hard-working American couple… who just happen to raise an extraordinary son.

At 12, Christopher is accepted to MIT, and by the age of 21, he is recruited by the CIA. Solving puzzles and decrypting codes come very easily to Christopher. His mind is so advanced, it almost seems as if he is from another world.

When Christopher finds out about the governments plan, Operation Down-size, he is horrified by the thought of billions of innocent lives being sacrificed to save the elite 7%. He knows he must stop Operation Down-size, but the puzzle is how?

Cindy, an astronaut and a member of the 7%, joins in Christopher’s quest. Thankfully, they have help: an alien spacecraft, equipped with a highly advanced artificial intelligence created by a highly advanced alien race.

Thousands of years ago, a highly advanced alien race on a mission of exploration discovered Earth. They could see, even at this early stage of development, that the human race was advancing its technology faster than it was maturing in compassion and wisdom — a combination that would one day lead to disaster. The aliens decide to intervene by implanting an altered gene code into several of the primitive females that would be passed down from one generation to the next for activation at a later time. The spacecraft was left hidden until the time was right to intervene further in order to save humans from themselves. That time has come.

Together, Christopher and Cindy, utilizing the spacecraft’s advanced technologies, seek to save the world and dismantle Operation Down-size. One question remains: Can they do it in time?

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A Dream Fufilled – Settlers of South Park – Book 1
by r. William Rogers
4.0 Stars (137 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Religion & Spirituality | Historical Fiction | Westerns

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Life on the eastern Kansas plains in the 1850’s was tenuous at best. Add to that, marauding bands of thieving Comanches, and a fella would start having notions of moving his clan the heck out of there.

With the biggest part of his cattle having been taken by the thieving redskins, Jacob Clarkson and his family load as much of of their household belongings as they can into a couple of prairie schooners and set out on a journey in hopes of relocating the once prosperous cattle ranching endeavor to the high mountain grasslands of present day Colorado.

The journey proves to be fraught with dangers, some of them of the harsh weather and high water variety, while others turn out to be of the manmade variety.

The journey becomes even more difficult after the rescue of a young lady who had been taken captive by a trio of banditos. Their intent had been to trade her to the Utes, who freely roam the South Park Basin, but first they have to get her back.

Through all of this, the Lord remains in charge and adds to the mixture, a helping of tender romance and true love between Becky and one of Jacob and Emily’s twin sons, Seth.

Not to be outdone by his brother, Sam manages a romance of his own after a mixup in homestead filings plays a major part in bringing him and Liz together.

While all this is going on, their families remain steadfast in their struggle to gain a toehold in the savage land that is the previously unsettled grasslands of the South Park Basin.

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The Lost Ark
by J.R. Rain
3.9 Stars (333 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Romance

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In a lonely bar in eastern Turkey, ex-National Geographic photojournalist Sam Ward is hired to find an eccentric professor who disappeared high atop Mount Ararat, fabled resting spot of Noah’s Ark.

Accompanied by the professor’s beautiful daughter, archaeologist Faye Roberts, Sam soon stumbles upon a secret stronghold — a base of operation for unleashing hell on earth.

Now running for their lives, Sam and company are about to come face-to-face with the greatest archaeological discovery of all time…

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